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If you replaced Aaron Rodgers with Tony Romo today...

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Roger Klarvin LSU fan6712/14 8:38 pm
by DaGarun

So how about that Buffalo Bills defense?

Roger Klarvin LSU fan912/14 8:17 pm
by NoSaint

seahawks 17 49ers 7 - bye harbaugh

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iliveinabox Pelicans fan8912/14 7:43 pm
by kfizzle85

Let talk about the Vikings Eagles Bengals Cowboys Steelers family

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Maximus2112/14 7:26 pm
by castorinho

Unofficial J-E-S-T Titans thread without score updates Fight! HOLY SHITE

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S2212/14 7:26 pm
by S

If you Hate the Eagles, Check-In Here

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TigerFanInSouthland LSU fan3912/14 7:25 pm
by WinnPtiger

Hornets are going to try to trade Lance Stephenson starting Monday

RTR America Alabama fan1412/14 6:58 pm
by Eden

People say defense is gone in the NFL.....

Moustache KState fan512/14 6:49 pm
by TigerBait1127

Seahawks will repeat, now that GB has thrown away home field.

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cypressbrake3 LSU fan2712/14 6:38 pm
by boom roasted

NFL Survivor: Week 15 Results (Final)

CheerWhine LSU fan412/14 6:33 pm
by CheerWhine

The Vikings are Stupid

Hugo Stiglitz USA fan1312/14 6:29 pm
by castorinho

Peyton Manning out of game with undisclosed injury right now.

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TTsTowel2212/14 6:27 pm
by UFownstSECsince1950

Broadcaster Dick Enberg to receive Ford C. Frick Award

Wally Sparks GATech fan412/14 6:26 pm
by COTiger

Pro football is just about unwatchable with the penalties

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udtiger LSU fan4312/14 6:17 pm
by Othello

Will the Patriots win out?

RollTide1987 Alabama fan612/14 6:13 pm
by WPBTiger

Peyton Manning to Buy Tennessee Titans When He Retires?

Volmanac Oregon fan712/14 5:47 pm
by wildtigercat93

Alex Smith > Colin Carpenter

Sleazy E Saints fan412/14 5:45 pm
by Sevendust912

Can y'all PLEASE help me explain why Rodgers is a better playoff QB than Brady?

ReauxlTide222 Alabama fan812/14 5:39 pm
by ReauxlTide222

Have there been other years with this many productive rookie WRs?

ShaneTheLegLechler UNC fan1112/14 5:32 pm
by Mac5500

Things you'd rather do instead of watching Jets - Titans

Boomtown LSU fan1012/14 5:25 pm
by BayouBengals03

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