Ole Miss senior Sebastian Saiz is dating this very cute girl. Hope she'll be at the tourney...

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Great rack.
Reply8 days
Hope she doesn't get Aids.
Reply9 days
Does dude have Bell's Palsey? The right side of his face is at a 45 degree angle to his left side.
Reply10 days
Decent looking girl, but Dak's attention fiend girlfriend is better.
Reply10 days
Hell naw Dak's girl is way too fake. I like this chick, but she's too damn skinny for me personally.
9 days
Oh come on Larry, this is pathetic. This sloot is borderline anorexic.
Reply11 days
I just noticed that in EVERY picture, he is not holding her and when he is touching her, he has at least one part of his hand/fingers away from her body. He may not know it yet, but he has the gay.
Reply11 days
is she his beard because she looks like she could be?
Reply11 days
What is this tourney you're hoping she's at? Ole Piss doesn't play significant post season games in any sport.
Reply11 days
What is this tourney you're hoping she's at? Ole Piss doesn't play significant post season games in any sport.
Reply11 days
Meh, her legs look like pool cues.
Reply11 days
He don't look like her type. What gives?
Reply11 days
A lot better than the tranny Dak. P. is nailing ... skinny legs n all.
Reply11 days
Skinny legs n all.
Reply11 days
Tiger In Texas. I agree 100%. These girls nowdays are allout there playing like they are the Kardasians. I am sure this is what that trash bags parents had in mind for her as they raised her from birth. Good Lord. Lol.
Reply12 days
She needs to eat more than air
Reply12 days
I guess I will say it- I am sure her parents are so proud! Embarrassment...yes, I said it! Call me out- I don't care!
Reply12 days
So you think her parents are upset that she dates a guy born in Madrid, Spain? His name is Juan Sebastian Saiz Soto. why is this a problem?
11 days
Embarrassed why? Because of the way she looks in the pictures or because the guy she's dating is of a darker skin complexion and a different race?
10 days
Money money money money. Show me da money
Reply12 days
Much better looking and classier looking than Dak's nasty whore.
Reply12 days
In a related story, she was split in half after his last game.
Reply12 days
What the frick am doing wrong...
Reply12 days
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