According to TMZ, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Newsroom star Olivia Munn are officially a couple. This picture taken over the weekend confirms that. It also confirms Rodgers hands had no idea what to do during this kiss...

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Aaron: "Olivia, is this what straight guys do with their hands when they kiss, I usually have a d1ck to grab when I kiss.."
Reply28 months
He is literally thinking of a dick while kissing her!
Reply28 months
I'm pretty jelly
Reply28 months
I thought aaron was gay
Reply28 months
This picture so perfectly sums up A. Rodgers.

I'm still jelly though.
Reply33 months
What gay looks like when kissing the opposite sex.
Reply33 months
He has hover penis.
Reply33 months
i'll admit how jelly I am of Rodgers, cause i am soooooo jelly
Reply33 months
Does Arron Rodgers and tom cruise have the same agent? Or does Olivia Mun and Katy Holmes do.
Reply33 months
Jesus. I wouldn't have any trouble figuring out what to do with my hands. The hell is wrong with him? Oh, wait...
Reply34 months
He's just doing a discount double check on that used and abused punanny.
Reply34 months
That shite is weak
Reply34 months
Thats the most beta kiss in the world
Reply34 months
"Not to mention they look completely uncomfortable forcing that kiss "

Lol, i can just see the prison guard from Arrested Development in the background.

"No Touching!!"
Reply34 months
Is this worse than hover hands?

I say yes. Not to mention they look completely uncomfortable forcing that kiss
Reply34 months
rodgers: awkward as frick

me: jealous as frick
Reply34 months
Questions will persist.
Reply34 months
Another earth shattering report from Larry Leo
Reply34 months
Never been kissed...
Reply34 months
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