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How quickly the tide changes.
Cavs making moves to get Lebron back?
The LeBron James free agency saga continues....
The max number is projected to be $22.2 million.
Would getting Napier mean LeBron would stay in Miami?
Kick a man when he is down...with a giant sign on the highway.
I say he'll be in Cleveland.
LeBron has played four years in Miami and won two championships.
Why? No idea...
That movie would definitely give me a leg cramp.
Can the Heat take the heat?
Like he needs coaching.
Well, that didn't take long.
Looks like one to me.
Hmmm how you do you feel about them being the best of the best?
You can do this stuff when you're two-time champs.
Can't wait to watch these two duke it out for MVP.
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