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Wonder how much god wants him to sign for when he gets drafted.
Does this mean anything? No.
Where's Richard Sherman when you need him?
I'd start making other post-life arrangements now Who Dat Nation.
Texans! Pick me! Pick me!
That's not how you celebrate.
More importantly he quick working at a bank.
Fans mad about other fans having the same nickname about being fans.
Yea, because Glazer's getting laid all the time.
Nice little tribute to former players...that only Kentucky fans know.
Tired of hearing about these 12th men.
"We win with graciousness and when we lose, we could do better."
I say keep the long locks.
42-38 in five seasons gets you an extension these days.
New coach in Minnesota?
The Lions have a new coach.
Compromise and put in it in a ponytail?
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