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If you're gonna lose, lose in class.
The Red-White Game will be on April 26.
South Carolina will play Tennessee on Friday.
Jennings was hired to fill Taver Johnson’s void who left for Purdue.
Check out what Bielema had to say...
Can't wait to see what he does on the field.
This is the third defensive assistant to leave the staff this offseason.
Bielema is laying down the law with this hefty 7 day suspension.
Smith was LB coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year.
The things you can learn on Twitter these days...
Razorbacks missing two key players on Saturday vs. LSU.
Bielema pulled in a big time recruit from up north.
It was Bielema's first year as HC, see how ESPN graded the Hogs.
Ash worked under Brett Bielema for the last 4 years.
Arkansas is currently ranked #32 in Rivals 2014 Team Rankings.
Holmes only played in four games for Arkansas last season.
I can't remember what instrument this guy played in Creed.
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