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Don't look straight into it.
Florida State was also in contention.
The mound made him look even smaller.
Both Auburn and Alabama are in the Top 3.
That would be a violation and Auburn doesn't break the rules.
Because he was the only one who did? No.
Hope he brought her home on time.
Never seen a coach so excited to take off his shirt.
Smith is ranked the 6th best junior college prospect in the country.
How excited is this guy to be coaching again?
Bessent was arrested last month shortly after National Signing Day.
It'll be interesting how this hire plays out.
Pearl is back in 'back in the game'
If State Farm has taught you anything, it's to double check.
Barbee was 48-75 overall in 4 season while at Auburn.
South Carolina (13-19) will play fifth-seeded Arkansas Thursday.
Of course it's their fault.
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