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Please someone fark Dorothy, the Tin Man and Scarecrow behind him.
Maybe the pizza would have made things better.
Buckeyes can't catch a break this March.
You'd think this Hawkeye fan is used to things that blows.
How cute. The biggest thing to happen to Husker bball in 30 years.
Unfortunately, Urban Meyer is still alive.
This is how you win the fans over fast.
As if we needed to know where to look.
We're close, but not that close.
It's a like a Big Ten pillow fight.
Stare into his soul.
Seriously, who would ever want to be referred to as a chicken?
Would love to see a Pelini vs. Lou Holtz match.
In the end, no one won this fight.
It was a nice thought, I'll give them that.
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