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Florida, San Diego St. move into poll's top 5.
Don't know what's weirder, them thinking of this or actually filming it...
Oh my god, you guys, my phone, has like, a camera and stuff.
Time to care about college basketball games again.
Dude, you smoke THEN you eat...preferably, Taco Bell.
Arizona, Syracuse stay 1-2 in Top 25
I guess he forgot to double check.
Beavis and Butthead would be proud.
Does this make my face look fat?
Arizona, Syracuse still 1-2
Diggin' the classic look.
Introducing the new Polar Vortex-themed floor.
School name and a number. Why are we making this so hard?
Take it easy Fran...
Arizona still No. 1; Duke tumbles to 16th in AP
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