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And Reece Davis just sat there in awe.
Nothing's better than 2 nerds fighting in extremely big stuffed animal costumes.
Don't they realize this makes them more money?
Oh, so that's why they call them the "Cameron Crazies"...
"The Headless Dunker."
Has anyone kicked this kid's butt yet?
How cute. The biggest thing to happen to Husker bball in 30 years.
Gators, Shockers remain 1-2
You gotta get new threads for the big dance.
I'd watch more college bball if fans fought the losing team every the time.
Florida new No. 1 as Syracuse drops to 4th
As if we needed to know where to look.
They should change their mascot name to the Oregon Uniforms.
Florida jumps to No. 2 behind Syracuse.
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