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They look pretty pumped.
Up Next: Tennessee will face Michigan in the Sweet 16 on Friday.
Up Next: Kentucky will face Louisville in the Sweet 16 on Friday.
Florida will face either (4) UCLA or (12) Stephen F. Austin on Thursday.
How much spare time can you have?
The Wildcats will face No. 1 Wichita State on Sunday.
Tennessee faces 14th-seeded Mercer on Sunday.
Florida will face No. 9 Pittsburg on Saturday.
(11) Tennessee will face (6) UMass on Friday at 2:45ET (CBS).
It'll be interesting how this hire plays out.
Pearl is back in 'back in the game'
Looks to be an extremely tough first-round matchup against themselves.
Hey guys, need I remind you're in the SEC now. Grow up.
Gators get top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.
Kentucky will play No. 1 Florida in Sunday's championship game.
Florida now wins 25 straight.
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