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What are the chances of this?
A who's who of who's who.
Argentina will face Germany on Sunday for the World Cup final.
Germany will play winner of Argentina Vs. Netherlands in the World Cup Final.
He may have lost at the World Cup, but he has won in life.
His last block of the Word Cup.
That's called confidence, don't know what it's called in German though.
The U.S. plays Belgium on Tuesday at 3 p.m. CST.
Now I'd to see the reaction at a Subway restaurant in Brazil.
It's a love tap he wishes he had back.
Making me love soccer more and more.
These ESPN cameramen are getting really good at their job
Selfie away ladies, selfie away.
The U.S. will play the winner of Group H on Tuesday night in Salvador at 4 p.m.
Stop biting people dude.
I'm American, damnit.
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