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Soooo...they're working out a lot.
Them Irish know how to celebrate. Just ask Bono.
Didn't know he batted lefty.
Looks like things are going well.
He forgot to add "...and all thru the games".
There's not a special effect on earth that can make that transition smooth.
Chrome for the dome.
What are the chances of this?
That's pretty impressive, not that you'd ever need to do that.
Not a fight you want to start, son.
Almost a historic play.
Not the kind of poster he saw himself being on, I'm sure.
Nothing is simple competition.
ust when you thought his golf swing couldn't get any worse...
Because two championship titles in one season isn't enough.
Video game truths hurts.
The world's greatest basketball player is also a cool dad.
Trolling license plates, a lost art form.
A big day for the Flyers.
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