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PIC: Arkansas Football Teases "Hogzilla" Coming This Fall

You'd think "Hogzilla" is a new nickname for head coach Brett Bielema, but sadly it is not. Instead this is what Arkansas football thinks is clever...

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Srbtiger06 - 2 months ago
Scary. Maybe they'll win an SEC game.
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LateArrivalforLSU - 2 months ago
I bet this came about like this:

Jeff Long at Arkansas:

"We can't compete since I let Petrino go, so let's come up with a gimmick that will mesmerize our fans and make them forget about how bad we suck as a program."


"Hey Jeff, I need a pizza."

Jeff Long:

"Sounds good, Brett. I'll order this Hogzilla gimmick and a pizza."
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