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Video: Steve Spurrier Calls ESPN’s Dari Nowkhah ‘Darcy’

During a phone interview with ESPN’s Dari Nowkhah on Wednesday, South Carolina's Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier called him "Darcy" not "Dari"...

Apparently this is not the first time Spurrier called Nowkhah something other than Dari. Nowkhah said during ESPNU’s Signing Day coverage that Spurrier has also referred to him as “Dory” and “Derry” during past interviews.
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SamGinn Cam - 2 months ago
OBC is the goat
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Woverw - 2 months ago
Were it not for this "Sports Lite" article, I never would have heard of Darcy . . . er . . . Dory . . . er . . . Derry . . . I mean Dari.
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