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Saints: Rob Ryan To Cut His Hair, But Not Now

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Earlier this week it was reported that Rob Ryan isn't getting considered for head coaching positions because of this long hair. Well, during an impromptu interview at a New Orleans Pelicans game, Ryan said he's due for a haircut, but will do it on his own watch...

“It is getting kind of long now. Eventually, I’ll cut it,” Ryan told the New York Post on Wednesday.”But not now with the peer pressure. I think I’ll let it grow.”

Good for Rob. Further, Ryan has a far more noble reason why he grows his hair out that should silence any of his critics. He intends to donate his hair to “Locks of Love.”

“Well, I mean I’ve done that since I was in Oakland,” Ryan said. “It all started with my daughter. I went to school and one of her classmates needed hair and all that. So, I’ve donated my hair about five different times to Locks of Love.”

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18TexasTiger - 6 months ago
I mean, I dont know much about locks of love...but does his hair fit the, um criteria?
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bayoubilly57 - 6 months ago
Great job coach Rob
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