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AJ McCarron Insults Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Earlier it was reported by John Middlekauff of 95.7 The GAME that Alabama QB AJ McCarron isn't suiting up for this year's Senior Bowl because he believes he’s going to be a top-20 pick...

John Middlekauff
My sources say AJ McCarron chose not to play in the Senior Bowl (not b/c of the inj) b/c he thinks he's a top 20 pick
12:10 PM - 17 Jan 2014
Well, McCarron has responded calling Middlekauff out while ripping Charles Barkley's golf swing...

AJ McCarron
John Middlekauff & his sources are about as good as Charles Barkleys golf swing!!! ???? sorry Charles! Still my boy haha #awfulreporters
2:01 PM - 17 Jan 2014
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thatdude1985 - 6 months ago
Florida225 what the frick are you talking about?
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Florida225 - 6 months ago
He WOULD be the kind of guy who stares deeply into a bitches eyes as he kisses her. fricking creepy.
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Woverw - 6 months ago
So what AJ is saying is that Middlekauf doesn't have any sources. Afterall, Sir Charles doesn't have a swing.
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