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PIC: Alabama Senator Pays Up Wager, Wears War Eagle Hat

Per al.com...

The Senate began the 2014 legislative session by settling a bet on the 2013 Iron Bowl.

Sen. Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, donned a bright orange, eagle-shaped Auburn cap provided by Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston.

Marsh, an Auburn graduate, won his bet with Bedford, an Alabama grad, because of the Tigers' dramatic win over the Crimson Tide in November.

The bet was that the loser would have to wear the hat of the other team for the first hour of the session.

Marsh said Bedford called him during the middle of the football season and proposed the bet. He said it was well before it became apparent Auburn would be a strong enough team to play for the national championship.

"I was being a good sport, and quite honestly, I thought I'd be wearing an Alabama hat today," said Marsh, wearing an orange Auburn ballcap.

Bedford took his medicine in good spirits and closed his remarks with a "Roll Tide."
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weeble - 6 months ago
I used to live in Bedford's District and he's a total wipe.
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87BAMAGRAD - 6 months ago
They should make Updyke wear eagle lid in lieu of restitution.
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