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ESPN's David Pollack Rips Bama Kicker

ESPN’s David Pollack took a little shot at Alabama kicker Cade Foster Friday night...

Foster responded...

So did QB AJ McCarron...

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TNTigerman - 8 months ago
Saban's had two years to replace this guy. He has terrible form and rhythm. He prances up to the ball. Plus, he doesn't take enough angle so his left hip is wide open at impact. A good example is something that Nick Faldo said, back in his heyday, about a competitor's inferior golf swing that it wouldn't hold up in the heat of a major championship. (Don't remembrer who he was talking about.) Saban's record speaks for itself, but he made a major error in not replacing this guy.
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Martini - 8 months ago
Did everyone forget that he actually made a kick that would have won the game had the right tackle not moved?
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foshizzle - 8 months ago
Good for McCarron for backing up his teammate but Pollack is correct. Aside from the 56 yarder at the end, every one of the other top teams would reliably nail the other kicks.

Whether this is Foster's fault or poor snapping/holding or something else I don't know, but the overall results should be much better on a team that regularly competes for a title.
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