Georgia QB Aaron Murray Has Torn ACL, Done |
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Georgia QB Aaron Murray Has Torn ACL, Done

Per ESPN...

"Georgia sports communications director Claude Felton confirmed on Sunday that the senior quarterback tore the ACL in his left knee in Saturday's 59-17 win against Kentucky.

Murray, who will miss next Saturday's regular-season finale against Georgia Tech as well as the Bulldogs' bowl game, will undergo surgery to repair the knee Tuesday and face a lengthy rehabilitation process.

He will also miss any postseason All-Star games -- Bulldogs tight end Arthur Lynch said earlier this week that he and Murray planned to play in the Senior Bowl in January -- and the mid-February NFL combine during the run-up to the draft, which begins May 8."
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lsuoilengr - 8 months ago
we coulda beat gawja and ole piss and been in the sugar bowl this year. frick!!
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brewhan davey - 8 months ago
Wow.. what did UGA do to piss the football gods off so much this year?
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Rodeonaut - 8 months ago
Is this karma for throwing Marshall a suicide pass vs TN?
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11thACR - 8 months ago
He will still be drafted and most likely in the same round as he would have, had he not been injured.

He and his family should strongly question the UGA staff as to Why he was put Back in the game after tweeking his knee, UGA had a 3TD lead at the time.
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QJenk - 8 months ago
Dam Im no fan of the guy and really despise UGA but I really hate to see this. His draft stock is going to plummet now.
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