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Texas A&M’s Polo Manukainiu Killed In Crash

Texas A&M defensive end Polo Manukainiu was killed in an overnight car accident. Also killed was freshman Utah defensive end Gaius Vaenuku. Vaenuku’s Utah teammate, freshman Utes guard Salesi Uhatafe, was airlifted to a Texas hospital and is reportedly in critical condition. They were reportedly driving back to College Station from Utah.

There were two other friends in the car as well. They were not football players, and we do not have their names as of this update. One, only 13 years old, was cousins with Manukainiu and Vaenuku. Tragically, he also lost his life.

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The King - 12 months ago
That is horrible. Prayers indeed.
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CGSC Lobotomy - 12 months ago
That's two linemen less than two years apart. (Senior OL Joey Villaviscensio was killed in a crash around Christmas 2011) Not a trend yet but scary nonetheless.
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LSUNV - 12 months ago
Prayers sent to family. A tragedy such as this is hard to comprehend. Another young man taken in is prime.
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