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Tyler Wilson At Walmart When Raiders Called

After Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson started tumbling down the draft board this past weekend, he decided to clear his head by venturing out to a local Walmart Supercenter. And that’s when the Oakland Raiders called, creating a buzz amongst curious shoppers...

“I was fed up with watching so we just got out and then get the phone call there in Walmart, of all places, but that’s good being from Arkansas,” Wilson said, via the Log Cabin Democrat. “He’s standing right next to me and kind of hears the conversation a little bit. I kind felt like everybody in the store at that point had kind of figured out what’s going on. That was fun. We ended up getting out of there without too much harm and ended up getting back and celebrated with friends and family.”
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The Mick - 14 months ago
no care
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Harry Caray - 14 months ago
This isn't news, Larry.
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