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Mark Richt's New Contract Approved

Georgia coach Mark Richt's new contract for $2.81 million annually through 2016 has been approved. It took six months to renegotiate the new deal but was officially given the ok by the University of Georgia Athletic Association's executive board Thursday. Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said of the long wait to finalize the deal...

"These discussions were held in January and they were over very quickly in January, so this is not something that's been going on and on and on for months, these details that I'm talking to you about,"

"We had these settled many, many months ago. What was getting caught up and what took so long was maybe some tax issues, there were some legal wording that needed to be worked out between our general counsel, our counsel and Mark's representatives, so it just takes longer. But the deal points have been solid from Day One."

Also taken out from the previous contract was a $2 million penalty for Richt leaving on his “own fruition.” How nice of them.
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gatorubet - 22 months ago
Florida approves
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