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Coach Mike Leach To Get HBO Documentary?

Peter Berg, director of films like Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom, has plans to make a documentary series about Washington State coach Mike Leach for HBO. Berg met Leach while shooting the Friday Night Lights TV show. Berg told Broadcasting & Cable...

"I assume HBO will go for it because it will be really good," Berg tells B&C. "I don't know why they wouldn't." "I was just fascinated with him,"

Berg had gotten to know Leach over the years after reaching out to him following a 60 Minutes story and a New York Times Magazine story. Berg brought him in for a Friday Night Lights cameo, and Leach actually came to Hollywood for a month to live with Berg two years ago and observe Hollywood."
I'm all for this if it's about how weird and entertaining Leach is, but otherwise...who cares?

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brg0320 - 30 months ago
Mike Leach is one of the most intelligent men in sports. I will certainly watch if this airs
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