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SEC Accidentally Calls Missouri A Member?

Whoops...Supposedly on SEC's website last Saturday the conference accidentally announced Missouri as it's newest member...

This website said it was tipped off on Twitter and by fans who e-mailed to say that you could find the pages by searching Missouri on the SEC’s site. It seems Mizzou is stuck in some sort of collegiate purgatory.
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LSUROCKS52 - 33 months ago
Georgia would never allow GT back in and SC would not allow Clemoson in.
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Swamp Angel - 33 months ago
Mizzou wanted the Big Ten and I say they should keep their virginity until the Big Ten comes a-callin'. For goodness sake, Mike Slive, quit stalking this acne-ridden skank! GaTech, UNC, Clemson, even WVU would all be better fits in the conference. Personally, I would like to see Georgia Tech return to their home conference. We've been missin' 'em for nigh on fifty years now. They were good then, and they are good now. Not to mention that they can give Vandy a run for the money regarding academics!
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