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Big 12 Conference Keeping Their Name

The Big 12 conference is keeping its name even after losing two teams last year - Colorado and Nebraska. Commissioner Dan Beebe told the Big 12's website...

"Most people believe that the Big 12 is the name on the banner under which we have competed, under which we've won national championships,"... "I think the name we have is the name we're going to continue with."
They can do whatever they want as long as they don't go the "legends and leaders" route...brutal.
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Quidam65 - 35 months ago
No use spending money now to change it, when it will all collapse in a few years once Texas goes independent (and/or A&M sues because it never got the payout that could never happen without a conference championship).
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LSUfanaddict - 35 months ago
Kinda hoping they would have gone with something like the New Southwest Conference or something. And the Big 10 could have become the Big 12 or Midwest Conference or something.
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