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ESPN ranks the 2014 SEC season openers

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
ESPN ranked the toughest 2014 SEC openers for this season. Arkansas was ranked No.1 and will have to play the defending SEC champion Auburn. Here is how the rest shaped up.

1. Arkansas
Arkansas at Auburn, Aug. 30

2. Texas A&M
Texas A&M at South Carolina, Aug. 28

3. LSU
LSU vs. Wisconsin, in Houston, Aug. 30

4. Georgia
Clemson at Georgia, Aug. 30

5. South Carolina
Texas A&M at South Carolina, Aug. 28

6. Ole Miss
Boise State vs. Ole Miss, in Atlanta, Aug. 28

7. Tennessee
Utah State at Tennessee, Aug. 30

8. Alabama
Alabama vs. West Virginia, in Atlanta, Aug. 30

9. Auburn
Arkansas at Auburn, Aug. 30

10. Mississippi State
Southern Miss at Mississippi State, Aug. 30

11. Vanderbilt
Temple at Vanderbilt, Aug. 30

12. Florida
Idaho at Florida, Aug. 30

13. Missouri
South Dakota State at Missouri, Aug. 30

14. Kentucky
Tennessee-Martin at Kentucky, Aug. 30

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dawgfan24348 - 4 months ago
Arkansas @ Auburn?
LOL Wut?
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rzd30 - 4 months ago
Idaho @ Florida should be higher on the list gonna be a good one IMO!
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Hugh McElroy - 4 months ago
Apparently South Carolina, even though they are playing at home, has a much tougher game than Wisconsin, who is not playing at home.
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BallstotheWesleyWall - 4 months ago
Utah State and West Virginia are more difficult than Arkansas haha.
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