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Bryce Harper Value for rest of season
Posted by civiltiger07 on 7/22 at 10:00 am
I have been offered a trade: I get Bryce Harper and Yordano Ventura I give up Jeff Samardzija I could use another OF but I don't think it is worth it to give up one of my better SP to get an outfielder. What is the outlook like for Harper for the rest of the season? TIA...

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2B/3B Sit/Start Advise
Posted by civiltiger07 on 6/23 at 12:56 pm
I am in need of some sit/start advise. I have to fill 2 spots out of these three players. 2B and 3B Anthony Rendon Adrian Beltre Brian Dozier Edwin Encarnacion is already in at my Utility position. I've been going back and forth all morning on who to start....

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Thanks fantasy sports board
Posted by civiltiger07 on 5/5 at 10:29 pm
I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking for advise on a trade offer. The trade involved me giving up Troy Tulo! The good people of this board quickly talked some sense into me and I avoided a fantasy disaster. So Thank You guys!...

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Posted by civiltiger07 on 4/24 at 10:29 am
just wondering what you guys in the PT thought of this bill? It was shut down by a House Panel, but I don't see how anyone reads what this and thinks "yea that could work". [link=(]LINK[/link] [quote]to create the crime of unlawful expos...

Posted on: Political Talk

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which one of you OBer's is trying to become OB rich?
Posted by civiltiger07 on 4/24 at 6:43 am
Saw this ad on the Sportsman this morning and had to do a double take. [link=(]LINK[/link] And by the way I'm not sure that what he is doing is 100% legal. Pretty much admits that he...

Posted on: Outdoor Board

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Fantasy Baseeball Trade Offer Help
Posted by civiltiger07 on 3/30 at 11:49 am
I was offered a trade by someone in my baseball fantasy league and I just want to see what some of you on here thought of it. I would be giving up Troy Tulo and Anthony Rendon for Alexi Ramirez and Matt Holiday or Matt Kemp. I really need help in the outfield. I was leaning towards accepting tra...

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Gun Registration leads to Gun Confiscation
Posted by civiltiger07 on 12/5 at 8:06 am
Didn't see this posted yet. New York has sent letters to gun owners with their guns listed and Serial Numbers that are now illegal under the new New York Safe Act. New York requires that all guns you own to be registered. I look at this as proof that Gun Registration leads to Gun Confiscation. [l...

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Posted by civiltiger07 on 10/25 at 6:38 am
I'm sitting in the Lamar Dixon parking lot waiting to take the PE. I was wondering how many OTer's have to take the FE on a home gameday? I feel for you if you do. ...

Posted on: O-T Lounge

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XDs Recall Update
Posted by civiltiger07 on 10/7 at 10:47 am
Tom Gresham interviewed the CEO of Springfield Armory on his radio show yesterday. The CEO said that they think they have a solution to the problem, and once they have a fix everyone that sent in their XDs will be notified by email or text. So hopefully they will start getting some of the pistols ba...

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Did you see Oregon's uni's?
Posted by civiltiger07 on 9/1 at 10:13 pm
They look terrible IMO! Wings on helmet and shoulders. Their uniforms are out of control. ...

Posted on: More Sports Board

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