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Matthews, Foster, S. Smith
Posted by Mmackl1 on 11/30 at 11:04 am
Need to pick 2 PPR...

Posted on: Fantasy Sports Board

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Treated lumber
Posted by Mmackl1 on 11/15 at 11:20 am
Anyone interested in some treated lumber? I'm tearing down the porch on my office trailer and I will throw it in the dumpster if no one wants it. 2X8 joists around 50 2x6x6' deck boards 10' 4x4 concrete bases for 4x4 posts ...

Posted on: Outdoor Board

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Bars on the water in Biloxi
Posted by Mmackl1 on 6/15 at 7:19 am
Went to the Tesla concert last night and drug the boat down here to Biloxi with me. Where are some good places to dock the boat and grab a bite to eat... or several drinks? Is Ship Island worth the ride?...

Posted on: Outdoor Board

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What to do with Gumbo yearbooks?
Posted by Mmackl1 on 5/27 at 4:43 pm
I have some old gumbo yearbooks that I found while cleaning out my parents house. I don't want to tote them around with me but I don't think they should thrown away. Donate them to LSU press or Middleton maybe? Anyone on here interested? Years: 73, 76, 77, 78, 80, and 97...

Posted on: O-T Lounge

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Free Pallets in New Orleans.
Posted by Mmackl1 on 4/12 at 10:37 am
Got probably 40-50 that I need gone from my jobstie ASAP. Bring a trailer and I've got a machine to help you load them up as well....

Posted on: Outdoor Board

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Trusses for the ultimate cleaning shed!
Posted by Mmackl1 on 11/17 at 9:32 am
If anyone on here wants to build the ultimate cleaning shed here's your chance. They will build a 32x34 roof, some of the little jack trusses are messed up but you can stick build them pretty easily. The architect would not accept them because the wood is discolored. Contact me if interested. Mma...

Posted on: Outdoor Board

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Free lumber in New orleans
Posted by Mmackl1 on 9/7 at 8:24 am
I'm building a set of apartments in new orleans and my framer has a bunch of left over lumber that was used for bracing, etc. and I need it gone. He's supposed to be donating it to Habitat for Humanity, but they have not come to pick it up yet. There are some left over floor trusses that range from ...

Posted on: Outdoor Board

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JC Copeland is a scary man!
Posted by Mmackl1 on 10/1 at 11:39 pm Screaming like a maniac before blowing up the defender! You can here it on the scoring play also just not well as you can on the play that set it up. TM7 = honey badger JC = Raging Bull...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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