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Delete Please
Posted by m1q32 on 1/10 at 11:52 pm

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Reggie Bush for Calvin Johnson
Posted by m1q32 on 10/17 at 4:28 pm
Standard ESPN scoring. Was sent a trade offer where I would be receiving Calvin for Reggie. My other RBs are Lynch, Forte(picked up in trade), Lacy, and Spiller (WW pickup after somebody droped him. Other wr's are Dez, D.Jackson, Gordon, Harvin Thank you for your opinions....

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Xbox live issue
Posted by m1q32 on 1/24 at 11:07 am
I know there was a massive problem with uverse and xbox live for the past few days, but is saying that it has been fixed. Unfortunately, I still couldn't connect to xbox live this morning. Is anybody else still having issues with the xbox live connection through uverse internet? Trying to s...

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Trade Advice for a Newbie
Posted by m1q32 on 9/30 at 7:38 pm
A guy in my league has offered me the following trade, and I'm not sure what to do. I would be giving up Marshawn Lynch, C.J.Spiller, and Jimmy Graham, but I would receive LeSean McCoy, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and Mike Wallace. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since this is my first time ...

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My BCS calculations and scenarios
Posted by m1q32 on 12/4 at 1:02 pm
Based on the released coaches poll, we know that Alabama has 1399 points and OSU has 1367 points. The BCS average is determined by averaging the Coaches Poll, Harris Poll, and the 4 non-extreme computers poll. The formula for determining Alabama's BCS ranking will be: (1399/1475 + Computers A...

Posted on: SEC Rant

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