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Vector Request
Posted by OnTheGeaux on 8/1 at 3:28 pm
Can one of TD's amazing Farkers vector this military insignia image. I'd like to use the vector image (EPS preferred) as a T-shirt design on the sleeve. TIA... [img][/img]...

Posted on: Fark Board

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LSU is the only ranked team....
Posted by OnTheGeaux on 12/5 at 9:39 pm
Interesting tidbit here. LSU is the only ranked team facing the Big 12. All other Big 12 teams (except TAMU) are matched against unranked opponents. I guess that's one way to ensure a great Conference bowl win/loss record. :confused:...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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Les Miles needs....
Posted by OnTheGeaux on 8/8 at 6:45 pm
According to CBS Sportsline, Les Miles is so full of crap he needs a full body enema.... [link=(]LINK[/link]...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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SEC Conspiracy Theory? - ESPN Vote
Posted by OnTheGeaux on 11/10 at 9:40 pm

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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