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Posted by Slingin Pickle on 12/8 at 9:34 pm
So let's live in a fantasy world where the saints somehow finish 7-9 and the Falcons do too. What is the tie break?...

Posted on: New Orleans Saints Talk

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Tell me about the Hard Rock Punta Cana
Posted by Slingin Pickle on 10/30 at 2:26 pm
Anyone been? Good time? Anything I should know before I go? Also, is it worth it to get the rock star level room package?...

Posted on: O-T Lounge

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Questions about using a digital antenna in BR
Posted by Slingin Pickle on 5/30 at 9:29 am
How well does a digital antenna work in BR? How many channels can you pick up? Any advice on what kind to buy? ...

Posted on: Tech Board

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Brett Farve 4-Ever
Posted by Slingin Pickle on 3/7 at 9:28 pm
Anyone else watch this on the NFL network? He might not have been the best QB ever, but he is probably my favorite. ...

Posted on: More Sports Board

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Who would you rather have, Big game bob, or Miles?
Posted by Slingin Pickle on 1/4 at 9:58 pm
(No Message)...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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