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WTF Is Up With Our Defense?
Posted by El Eh Shu on 11/11 at 10:40 am
Does anyone who knows anything about defense know what is going on? (Obviously horrible place to come for good info, but some of yall make good contributions.) I've never played a down and hate Xbox. This is as far as I can see: JJ9 gave Welter the pics. Line gets no pressure. We can't tac...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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Statues and Naming things - Why the Obsession?
Posted by El Eh Shu on 9/25 at 10:36 am
Why are so many on here obsessed with naming the field/stadium? And the statues...Why do people get so excited about putting up statues? Please, I just don't get it, would the pro-statue and naming-things people explain it to me?...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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Blowing leaves at cars
Posted by El Eh Shu on 1/7 at 3:40 pm
No matter where I drive, New Orleans, Metairie, or the West Bank, when I drive by some a-hole blowing leaves he blows them out into traffic. I feel like it wasn't ten years ago that they aimed the blower away when cars passed. Now they don't give a frick. Why do gardeners think it's ok to blow le...

Posted on: O-T Lounge

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Will UGA fans roll Murray's house tonight?
Posted by El Eh Shu on 12/1 at 7:37 pm
(No Message)...

Posted on: SEC Rant

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Miles Presser: Who Asked What?
Posted by El Eh Shu on 11/18 at 3:21 pm
What was the exact question? Who asked it? Media is always digging into Miles' shit, I'm curious who asked what? We have reporters who post here non-anonymously, someone can help. Cauble? Shirley?...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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Letter to AD & Roy King - RE: Neck, Tiger Rag, Oweo
Posted by El Eh Shu on 10/30 at 8:46 am
Those interested in attempting to bring back Neck, etc should email the following to Roy King and the Athletic Department. And modify "alum/student/season ticket holder/LSU fan" to whatever appropriately fits you. [b][/b] [quote]Joe Alleva & Roy King, We know...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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Does Obama have family?
Posted by El Eh Shu on 10/22 at 11:04 pm
Where have his girls been during these debates? At the end of tonight's debate Romney is surrounded by loved ones and it looked pathetic that Obama had to hang with the Romneys. Like a sad little unloved dweeb. Does Barry have a brother? Does Michelle have any family? And the dead giveaway as...

Posted on: Political Talk

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We are overlooking Towson!!!!
Posted by El Eh Shu on 9/27 at 8:53 am
We need to focus. We're still talking about the Auburn. Move on people! Towson is going to catch us off guard if we keep this up. If Towson gets the momentum it could be a long night for LSU. Towson has enough scholarship players to field a complete squad. We have to be prepared, Les better ...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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