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Police making money in Valley Park
Posted by tom on 5/22 at 8:20 am
Inspection stickers....

Posted on: O-T Lounge

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BRPD protecting and serving Claycut at Greenside
Posted by tom on 5/3 at 2:35 pm
Bring cash....

Posted on: O-T Lounge

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Google developing console
Posted by tom on 6/28 at 9:33 am
[link=(]LINK[/link] ...and a wristwatch? Bunch of damn hipsters. :lol:...

Posted on: Gaming Board

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CFB Pickem Week 5 wrong game
Posted by tom on 9/24 at 8:05 am
Oregon at Arizona should be Oregon State at Arizona...

Posted on: Help Board

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Women's basketball no tourney
Posted by tom on 3/14 at 6:46 pm
Is this the end for Van?...

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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Albertson's in Denham Springs
Posted by tom on 3/30 at 1:46 pm
Albertson's is opening in the old Winn Dixie at Florida and Range. Arzi's is closing up to make room for Albertson's parking. The Arzi's folks said they will reopen somewhere north on Range/Hwy 16 in a month or two....

Posted on: Food and Drink Board

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Thai Pepper under new management
Posted by tom on 3/16 at 9:40 pm
I went on Monday. It was not as good as before. Also, the portions are smaller. Hopefully it will improve as they get the hang of things. ...

Posted on: Food and Drink Board

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Netflix watch it now 5-stars
Posted by tom on 7/20 at 9:05 pm
I read occasional complaints on this board about how the "watch it now" selection for Netflix is lacking. I tend to agree and all, though they seem to be adding more at a reasonable rate. Anyway, I went through my rating history for 5-stars only. 22 of 67 of the 5-stars titles in my history are...

Posted on: Movie/TV Board

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Pocket Obama
Posted by tom on 1/26 at 10:26 am
[link=(]Pocket Obama[/link]...

Posted on: Political Talk

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Sushi in Denham
Posted by tom on 12/16 at 10:46 am
Sakura is now open next to DeAngelo's. It is actually not too bad. The steak teriyaki is not as good as a lot of places, but the sushi is nice and fresh. They obviously did their homework too, as they have loads of "cooked" rolls....

Posted on: Food and Drink Board

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