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Can anyone explain the Defenseless receiver rule?
Posted by landarky on 12/15 at 5:29 pm
Serious question. How was the hit by the wrestlers son on Moore not defenseless? Moore Watson the air in the act of catching the ball. It looked veri similar to the hit Jenkins made earlier that was called. What the hell is the difference? Ref judgement call? ...

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New Pearl Jam Album Streaming for Free on ITunes
Posted by landarky on 10/7 at 7:40 pm
Some standouts (other than MYM and Sirens) are Infallible Swallowed Whole Yellow Moon Future Days (For the sentimental few) Good but not as good as above Lighting Bolt Getaway Sleeping By Myself Overall really good...most like Backspacer but not a copy ...

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Sean McMullen Staus?
Posted by landarky on 6/1 at 10:57 pm
Does anyone have an update on McMullen? Sorry just saw the other thread.....

Posted on: Tiger Rant

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The Departed New Album is Out
Posted by landarky on 11/22 at 10:15 am
For fans of Cross Candian Ragweed and Seth James, this band may appeal to you. It has Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato from CCR in it and Seth James. The album is called Adventus and it's a good listen. There's enough of the CCR sound in there to remind you of them, but it also has it's own sound....

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What iis wrong with Matthew Stafford?
Posted by landarky on 9/23 at 1:29 pm
Is he hurt? Why is he not performing in the slightest? Has anybody else that has him considered benching or dropping him or is it too early?...

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Dwight Yoakam New Album
Posted by landarky on 9/19 at 5:37 pm
If you're a Dwight fan, this one is a good one. I don't think there is a bad song on the album. My personal favorites: Long way to go (Reprise) Dim Lights, Thick Smoke It's Never Alright A Heart Like Mine Definitely worth the $10.......

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Keeper question
Posted by landarky on 8/31 at 11:08 am
If given the choice, who do you keep? Lesean McCoy-1st rd (8th overall) Demarco Murray-10th rd Fred Jackson-13th rd Jamaal Charles-16th re I have concerns with injury and shared time with Charles, Jackson,and Murray. While McCoy is a 1st round pick, he has less questions Thoughts,please...

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Flex Help Needed for Championship
Posted by landarky on 12/22 at 2:30 pm
Please offer suggesitons on the following Roy Helu - Min Shonn Greene - NYG Willis Mcgahee - Buf Thanks, everyone and Happy Holidays...

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