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 2015 TV Premiere Dates
by WPBTiger
3812/19 11:55 am
Human Rights Foundation plans to balloon-drop copies of the interview into N.K.
by SEClint
1412/20 7:15 pm
Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
by CottonWasKing
1816612/20 7:10 pm
The Maze Runner
by AlbertMeansWell
1412/20 7:09 pm
Who gets your vote for GOAT tv dad?
by rolltide32
3812/20 6:56 pm
Dire Wolf
The Official Dragonball Discussion.
by Modern
454812/20 6:12 pm
Poxxxx says GFR
White Collar: The Final Season Thread
by lsu31always
3112/20 5:41 pm
wish i was tebow
How did Kevin Smith get Johnny Depp to play a role in Tusk?
by stout
1312/20 5:15 pm
Draconian Sanctions
Anger Management > 2 1/2 Men.
by Badman
812/20 5:09 pm
Avatar: The Legend of Korra Books 3 and 4 Thread (Book 4 premieres in October)
by OMLandshark
32912/20 4:54 pm
What are some good movies at the theater now?
by tigerskin
1112/20 4:48 pm
Spider-Man WILL appear in Captain America: Civil War
by RollTide1987
5312/20 4:42 pm
Watched "Fort Apache" on Encore and realized...
by udtiger
1212/20 2:34 pm
Franco bust?
by prplhze2000
1412/20 1:36 pm
Sony Email Hacks: Execs Want Idris Elba as Next James Bond
by undecided
6012/20 1:02 pm
Finished watching Breaking Bad for 2nd time ***SPOILERS***
by okietiger
3112/20 12:13 pm
Jagd Tiger
Last Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in game thread
by The Boat
1612/20 11:39 am
Jagd Tiger
Re watching Deadwood for the first time in years. I am convinced.
by Scoop
1112/20 11:34 am
Lester Earl
The Missing (Starz - series)
by the808bass
012/20 11:20 am
South Park Movie on HBOGO
by Jelleaux
812/20 11:08 am
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