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What color is this dress?
by tap011
5942/27 1:16 am
Anyone here personally know a Quaker?
by HailHailtoMichigan!
42/27 1:13 am
Jim Rockford
Has any one ever given you any motivational advice that you will never forget?
by OffroadSportsman89
502/27 1:13 am
Baton Rouge wedding line dance song?
by Tiger Attorney
182/27 1:07 am
Does this quote for a patio cover seem right?
by OldManRiver
42/27 1:07 am
How do you feel about burial pods? aka come back as a tree
by hawgfaninc
192/27 1:02 am
Do you believe there are other intelligent life forms out there?More intelligent
by UFownstSECsince1950
552/27 1:00 am
construction worker stereotypes and stories... Got any good ones?
by OffroadSportsman89
182/27 12:55 am
someone explain the term "salty" to me
by IT_Dawg
272/27 12:35 am
Guy attacked for filming the police. Cop stomps on camera phone. Video survives.
by Asgard Device
182/27 12:34 am
Who's your favorite Tonight Show host?
by DuckSausage
252/27 12:30 am
City Park Championship Golf Course- Somme oppose it
by Tigerstudent08
1202/27 12:20 am
Laffy O-T'ers: Is Red's one of the best health clubs in the country?
by LSU_2012
422/27 12:12 am
Post your blood pressure
by Paul Allen
2022/27 12:02 am
Paul Allen
Why can't Baton Rouge have a 'Boardwalk'
by BabyTac
512/26 11:51 pm
Asgard Device
Anyone watch Night Watch
by Flamefighter
192/26 11:44 pm
Printing Receipts?
by FootballNostradamus
172/26 11:38 pm
What are some character traits that you butt heads with?
by TheIndulger
622/26 11:31 pm
Cheap Airfare of the Week Part 2: Dallas People Southwest Sale
by CuseTiger
02/26 11:29 pm
Workout Crew: How many grams of protein you taking in?
by dualed
262/26 11:20 pm
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