Bioshock Spoilers Thread
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Bioshock Spoilers Thread
Posted by stout on 3/29 at 2:51 pm
For those of us that have finished the game and want to discuss the story.

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Posted by stout on 3/29 at 2:53 pm to stout
Just finished it. Can't say I didn't see that ending coming because I figured it out when you face Comstock on the ship and some of the things he says. More specifically when he mentions her finger then later on at the lighthouse when you see her finger get cut off and he says give me my baby back.

Overall very good but I still feel like at times the game rushed you along and didn't really give you a lot of time to appreciate it more.

ETA Steam said I have 11 hours played in it.

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Posted by RolandDeschain on 3/29 at 3:09 pm to stout
Why is Comstock so racist!

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Posted by stout on 3/29 at 3:13 pm to RolandDeschain
It's the turn of the 20th century. Most everyone was still racist then.

Maybe he was a Southerner.

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Posted by sbr2 on 3/29 at 3:20 pm to stout
Comstock is an alternate Booker who underwent the baptism and subsequently didn't have children. So they traveled to a Booker who never became a priest and stole his kid

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Posted by stout on 3/29 at 3:23 pm to sbr2
Good article comparing Rapture to Columbia and the parallels to it all.


I am going to go play 1 again now. It's just so much more creepy though.

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Posted by jcole4lsu on 3/29 at 3:34 pm to stout
I assume its not a true sequel since it looks so different than the original 2? Ive never played any of them

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Posted by stout on 3/29 at 3:40 pm to jcole4lsu
No it isn't a sequel but there are things to the story that parallels 1 for sure. 1 is set in the 60's and the town, Rapture, is underwater. I am now wondering what happens in those 40-50 years to go from a floating city to an underwater one.

I am sure the next game will tie it all in maybe. They sort of answered this in Infinite by saying it was another galaxy but they have to tie it all in somehow in the next one IMO.

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Posted by sbr2 on 3/29 at 3:41 pm to jcole4lsu
Well it's not a sequel at all, it's most likely an alternate universe if one goes by the game. Infinite occurs in 1912 and Rapture was in the 50s (?)

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Posted by Blitzed on 3/29 at 3:59 pm to stout
(no message)

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Posted by LaRon on 3/29 at 10:00 pm to stout

this page pretty much explains everything for those who are completely lost or pissed off at the ending

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Posted by DoUrden on 3/29 at 10:11 pm to LaRon
I get the ending I just don't like the direction it took.

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Posted by markasaurus on 3/30 at 12:02 pm to DoUrden
its crazy to go back and look at this gameplay trailer after completing the game. SO much was changed, and I think for the worse. The feeling in the vid gives a much more "city in the sky" since the buildings aren't on the same levels, you can see HOW they are floating, you see some failing. Another huge thing is elizabeth and booker combining powers/vigors. Anyway give it a watch


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Posted by GoCrazyAuburn on 3/30 at 12:05 pm to stout
Sequel is not the right term, because its pretty much shown that your character in this game is also the main bad guy (Ryan) from Bio 1

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Posted by sbr2 on 3/30 at 12:35 pm to GoCrazyAuburn
What? I haven't seen anything to indicate that Booker is Ryan.

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Posted by stout on 3/30 at 12:36 pm to GoCrazyAuburn
What game did you play?

Timeline I found

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Posted by markasaurus on 3/30 at 12:42 pm to GoCrazyAuburn
god i wish this would stop. Look PEOPLE andrew ryan was from soviet russia, booker character is nowhere near the same person. BUT the whole meaning behind BIOSHOCK INFINITE is that there are infinite universes where such a thing COULD HAVE happened. He could have become ronald mcdonald in one universe for all it matters, BUT the timelines don't match.


They aren’t the same characters. It’s a different man with a different dream, but there are ‘constants’ regardless of when the story takes place. After the events of Bioshock Infinite, the game’s story effectively never takes place. Booker never goes to Columbia, nor does he end up creating it. He lives with his daughter. Andrew Ryan comes to prominence later.


Booker is in no ways Andrew Ryan, Ryan already had a backstory established and didn’t come to America until 1919, drop this ridiculous idea.


Well… I don’t know about that… While Elizabeth DID say that “there is always a city, and a man to rule it” it kind of sounded more like an inevitable destiny other than anything else, like: The scientist woman wasn’t born in the rapture timeline, so they made it on the bottom of the ocean instead.

Besides, Booker can’t be Ryan/Jack because we know that Ryan came from the Soviet Union, and the whole point of the ending *spoilers* was that Booker was killed before he became Comstock thus preventing all versions of Comstock in the future, so while Booker still had his past he changed his future, never vice versa.

and perhaps the best yet and highlight the end because thats what is always a constant, A MAN, a CITY, A GIRL, A HERO


Ben Otter 21 hours ago
The City of rapture has nothing to do with infinite, other then one of the constants in all the universes is a Man with an impossible dream, to build a city in a dangerous place, to be perfect in there eyes.

-Andrew Ryan uses his Russians fathers money to build an underwater utopia where people worked for what they got,

-Zack Comstock uses religion and the power of belief to gain funding to build a technical marvel to bolster Americas image, and to be pure in race.

Then, Rival dream is introduced in the form of free enterprise,

-Rapture introduced Frank Fontaine, and Plasmids

-Columbia introduced Jer. Fink, and Vigors.

Both start a rebellion of sorts, but in different ways, Fontaine directly does it to start a war, and Fink does it by terrible treatment of the non-white citizens of Columbia. There are also Rebel leaders that take positions of power,

-Rapture has Atlas, who later turns out to be Fontaine

-Columbia has Fitsroy, the leader of the Vox.

There are also females under 25 who becomes sources of power,

-Rapture has Little Sisters,

-Columbia has Elizabeth.

And there protectors,

-Rapture has Big daddies,

-Columbia has The Songbird.

Each city has a randomly injected hero, that is expected, and kills the man who made the city

-Rapture has Jack, a 2 Year old Clone of Ryan, whom Ryan expected, and ordered jack to kill him.

-Columbia has Booker, a Alternate Version of Comstock, who was expected, and kills Comsock.

In the end, its just another universe, there are no direct character parallels, just a constant of a Man, A City, A girl, and A Hero.

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Posted by GoCrazyAuburn on 3/30 at 1:45 pm to markasaurus
When you go to Rapture, it is after the lockdown, and the only person able to use those elevators was Ryan, yet you used them.

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Posted by sbr2 on 3/30 at 1:50 pm to GoCrazyAuburn
Ryan his son were the only ones who could use the bathyspheres, but I think Elizabeth and her powers didn't have a problem with that.

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Posted by GoCrazyAuburn on 3/30 at 2:11 pm to sbr2
When Elizabeth says that rapture is another universe, it is Booker's other universe. The idea is that in another dimension, Booker is Jack and Comstock is Andrew.


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