Favorite Neil Young Songs
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Favorite Neil Young Songs
Posted by Blastoise on 2/4 at 10:56 pm
I know Neil Young is a pretty polarizing musician in general, but one thing I appreciate about Neil Young is the journey his music has taken from 1968 to the present. He's run the gamut of music genres and has never shirked from trying something new, which is a noble and rare quality.

He has some truly terrible music. Old Ways (1985), Landing on Water (1986), Trans (1982), Everybody's Rockin' (1983), Life (1987), Are You Passionate (2002) are just some of the duds that come immediately to mind. But he's also had dozens of really great tunes. What are your favorites?

1) Ambulance Blues (On the Beach, 1974)

2) Powderfinger (Rust Never Sleeps, 1979)

3) Natural Beauty (Harvest Moon, 1992)

4) Old Man (Harvest, 1972)

5) I Believe in You (After the Goldrush, 1970)

6) Hey Hey, My My (Rust Never Sleeps, 1979)

7) The Needle and the Damage Done (Harvest, 1972)

8) Like a Hurricane (Unplugged, 1993)

9) Tonights the Night (Tonights the Night, 1973)

10) Pocahontas (Unplugged, 1993)

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Posted by uglycasanova7 on 2/4 at 11:16 pm to Blastoise
My favorite song of all time is After the Goldrush.

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Posted by LSU Jax on 2/4 at 11:20 pm to Blastoise
After the Gold Rush

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Posted by HeadyBrosevelt on 2/4 at 11:53 pm to Blastoise
Love and Only Love
Cowgirl in the Sand
Down by the River
Vampire Blues

For new stuff Walk Like a Giant

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Posted by Flair Chops on 2/5 at 7:19 am to Blastoise
old man, ohio, the needle and the damage done, only love can break your heart, and a bunch more

however, helpless, as performed with the band at the last waltz, is my number one and nothing else is remotely close

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Posted by tigers33 on 2/5 at 9:05 am to Blastoise
The list is always changing but right now my favorites look something like this:

The Painter
Cowgirl in the Sand
After the Goldrush
Comes a Time
On the Beach
Walk On

Walk Like a Giant is great off the new album as well as Ramada Inn.

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Posted by Poodlebrain on 2/5 at 9:11 am to Blastoise
Sweet Home Alabama is my favorite song about Neil Young. My favorite song by Neil Young is Down By The River. So simple, but so powerful at the same time.

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Posted by TFTC on 2/5 at 9:26 am to Poodlebrain
Powder Finger
See The Sky About To Rain
Walk On
Over and Over
Bar Stool Blues
Cortez the Killer
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Unknown Legend

And a ton of others...

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Posted by Ace Midnight on 2/5 at 9:29 am to Blastoise
It's probably a product of what plays on classic rock radio nowadays, but I'm partial to:

Heart of Gold

Southern Man

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

Looking at his discography, he's done so much as a solo artist - it's hard to believe he had time to be in CSNY and do all the cocaine in the 70s and 80s...

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Posted by Kafka on 2/5 at 9:30 am to Blastoise
Since you said songs:

The Beat Farmers - "Powderfinger"

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Posted by Baloo on 2/5 at 9:41 am to Blastoise
I'm the Ocean. Don't know why, but I really love that song.

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Posted by TFTC on 2/5 at 9:44 am to Baloo
Over and Over (long version)

such a good fricking song...

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Posted by LSUballs on 2/5 at 9:46 am to Blastoise
Unknown Legend

Heart of Gold
Harvest Moon

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Posted by ChoupiqueSacalait on 2/5 at 10:15 am to Blastoise
Last Trip To Tulsa

Ride My Llama

F*ckin' Up

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Posted by TreyAnastasio on 2/5 at 10:37 am to Blastoise
Old Man
Needle + The Damage Done
Unknown Legend
One Of These Days
Down By The River

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Posted by CaptainPanic on 2/5 at 11:32 am to Blastoise
Cortez the Killer, My My Hey Hey (out of the blue), Helpless

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Posted by AmosMosesAndTwins on 2/5 at 1:34 pm to Blastoise
Old Man is the titty sprinkles.

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Posted by K9 on 2/5 at 1:37 pm to AmosMosesAndTwins

Cripple Creek Ferry

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Posted by LSUTygerFan on 2/5 at 1:39 pm to Blastoise

4) Old Man (Harvest, 1972)

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Posted by fontell on 2/5 at 2:21 pm to LSUTygerFan
Old man
cinnamon girl

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