Draft Prospect: Ezekiel Ansah
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re: Draft Prospect: Ezekiel Ansah
Posted by blueslover on 1/11 at 10:23 am to 99DSTJ
checking some mocks for the Saints pick-

Walter has him as the Saints pick now. Him over Teo & Montgomery

drafttek has Sheldon Richardson over Mingo, Ansah @ #42

Rang goes Dion Jordan over Ansah #19, Montgomery, Hankins, & Richardson

GBN has Hankins over Ansah #19, Montgomery, & Jordan

Lewan was a sure spot filler ahead of #15 now gone. Mocks will have to update with him out. OT Eric Fisher oughta give him a nice car or sumpin for boosting his draft position by several million bucks.

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Posted by Fleur de Diable on 1/11 at 11:53 am to Brettesaurus Rex

start at a high level

So that equates to dominate? I guess that word has a lesser definition now.

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Posted by Fleur de Diable on 1/11 at 11:54 am to Fleur de Diable
Wow, Lewan's not coming out? How do you pass up that money?

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Posted by goatmilker on 1/11 at 11:59 am to Fleur de Diable
Coach has pics.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/11 at 12:07 pm to Fleur de Diable

How do you pass up that money?

Blame Jake Long

Solid '13 and he could vie for #1 overall. Blow a knee out and he could be 3rd Rd like Chris Faulk. I admire the school loyalty but question the maturity as to business smarts. Corey Webster went from mid 1st Rd to #43 taking that risk- that's multiple millions of bucks.

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Posted by TigerBait2008 on 1/11 at 5:52 pm to saintsfan22

If we had a 2nd I'd take a chance there.

he will be long gone before then..

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Posted by Big Sway on 1/11 at 8:05 pm to blueslover
No 1 pick...... Barret Jones Alabama

This post was edited on 1/11 at 8:07 pm

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Posted by SuperSoakher on 1/12 at 9:19 am to Big Sway
There was a good article about him in sports illustrated a while back which praised his elite athletic ability. Problem is he not a good football player, yet. It's like drafting athletes in basketball who can't dribble. You get so excited at the flashes of greatness they show every now and then but the other times your left shaking your head.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/14 at 9:14 am to SuperSoakher

Barret Jones Alabama

not at #15, and where would he play? We have prolly the highest paid guard tandem in the NFL. dlP is RFA but has been solid enough and won't be spendy.


Problem is he not a good football player

The analysis of how much raw talent and how far they have to go to ful fill it is the crux with thses kinda players. Everyone could see the potential with Jimmy Graham. His progression after just one year of football is what makes 3rd Rd look like a steal. Pass rushers prolly carry the biggest premium on their skills after QBs. JPP for NYG at #15 in 2010 is a perfect example. Aldon Smith went #7 a lot more for the upside potential than the proven product. Bruce Irvin at #15 was prolly a bigger stretch than either of them. He possessed that magic pass rusher upside a lot more than being a full game ready player.

I think Ansah looks sure 1st Rd right now. Combine and All Star games will determine a lot whether that stock makes him a quick take or maybe pass on at #15.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/15 at 11:25 am to blueslover
hadn't looked at Ansah on wiki. It really gives good insight to understanding both his need for refinement and considerable raw skills. He will be one of those guys whose stock swings a lot more from his Sr Bowl and Combine performances than most. Today I think #15 is prolly too much push- more like a late 1st/early 2nd developmental guy. Let's watch the next few weeks and see if he nudges higher.

The wiki story-

Ezekiel Nana "Ziggy" Ansah is an American collegiate football player from Ghana, Africa. He is a linebacker at Brigham Young University. Ansah grew up playing soccer but was recruited to BYU by a Mormon missionary who thought the Ghanaian’s 6' 6" 250-pound frame would lend itself to football.[1] Ansah converted to the LDS faith and was awarded an academic scholarship to BYU in 2008. However, rather than going out for the football team, Ansah, a huge fan of LeBron James, tried out for the basketball team but was cut from both the 2008 and 2009 teams.[2][3] After facing rejection in basketball Ansah did successfully walk on to the BYU track team, where he ran a 10.91 in the 100-meter dash in addition to clocking a time of 21.89 seconds in the 200 meters.[4] Finally, Ansah was persuaded to try out for the football team, and he began playing football for the Cougars in 2010.
Unfamiliar with American football, Ansah had to be instructed in the most basic rules and techniques, even needing help getting on his pads for the first time.[5] Mid-way through he 2010 season Ansah made his first collegiate appearance in the Cougar's game versus Wyoming where he recorded his first tackle. During the 2010 season he saw action in six games on special teams and the defensive line, recording three tackles and a pass breakup.[6]
The 2011 season was Ansah’s fourth year in school but only third year of eligibility. He played sporadically on third downs as a defensive end or outside linebacker, recording seven total tackles for the season.
For the 2012 season Ansah resumed his role as a situation player. However, during week four noseguard Eathyn Manumaleuna hurt his knee and Ansah took his place. Over the final nine games of the season Ansah was third on the team in tackles (48), second in sacks (4.5) and first in tackles for loss (13).
For the 2012 season, Brigham Young led the nation in red zone defense (opponent red zone percentage of .62), was second in rushing defense (84.25 yards/game), third in 3rd down conversion percentage (27.71%) and total defense (allowing 26.33 yards/game), fourth in First Downs defense (14.83/game), and fifth in scoring defense (176 total points). Additionally, the were in the top 25 in passing defense (13th), sacks (22nd), 4th down conversion defense (23rd), and tackles for loss (25th).
Ziggy is the youngest of five children. His father, Edward, was a sales manager for a petroleum company, and his mother, Elizabeth, was a nurse.[13] Ansah is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon Church). Ansah was assigned to room with Kyle Van Noy, a highly touted linebacker, during the 2012 season. The two have maintained a close relationship both on- and off-the-field. Ansah reported in a Sports Illustrated interview that, "Kyle is like a brother to me."

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Posted by blueslover on 1/15 at 11:33 am to blueslover
SI Feature Story from 12/03/12- worth a read to understand where he comes from

In late October 2010, BYU was beating Wyoming 16--10 when coach Bronco Mendenhall decided to conduct an experiment on the opening kickoff of the third quarter. So Ezekiel Ansah trotted onto a field during a football game for the first time in his life. "It was scary," Ansah says. "I was trying to remember what I had been told, but it wasn't easy, especially with a lot of people screaming and yelling."

It should have been easy, because his instructions were simple: "We put him right in the middle of the field and said, 'Whoever catches the ball, run right to that guy,'" recalls Mendenhall. When the ball was kicked, Ansah did as he was told, but he didn't tackle the return man. Still, as he jogged back to the sideline his teammates and coaches mobbed him, shouting Zig-gy! while they smacked his helmet and slapped his butt. Without even realizing it, Ansah had taken out a trio of Wyoming blockers. He'd simply run through them.

"What?" he said.

"You just blew up three guys," players yelled. Ziggy shrugged.

The next day Mendenhall watched the game film with one thought running through his head: We have to find more ways to get Ansah on the field. "Ziggy was not only knocking down players, he was 10 yards in front of anyone else on our team," Mendenhall says. "This is a guy I never took seriously, and now we've had more NFL personnel in our facility this year than in my previous eight years put together."

"When the combines come," said one NFL scout who has been following Ansah since the beginning of the season, "Ziggy will be one of those players where people will be saying, Who in the hell is this guy?"

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Posted by TigerFanNKaty on 1/15 at 1:39 pm to Peazey
The Saints need help now, don't know if I would pick him in the first round.

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Posted by Shiftyplus1 on 1/15 at 2:11 pm to blueslover

He’s a far better prospect than either Barkevious Mingo or Jarvis Jones


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Posted by LSUsaintsfanla on 1/15 at 7:51 pm to blueslover
Looked. Didn't go to lsu. Do not want.

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Posted by Sho Nuff on 1/16 at 5:29 am to blueslover
If the Saints go for potential, I would rather see Margus Hunt. Mingo or Ansah would be cool too. I don't think the Saints should go anywhere near Teo or Montgomery.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/16 at 9:55 am to Sho Nuff

I don't think the Saints should go anywhere near Teo or Montgomery.

I'm signed up for the In Loomis We Trust thread but I would be nervous about Teo. I think fans are way overboard in reaction to the BCSCG but he could be on the board. I'm comforted knowing that Lofton is the MLB fo sho for years to come. The nervousness is if they grade Teo as a viable strongside backer.

For Montgomery I can see a take or pass. That's what makes the In Loomis I Trust easy.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/17 at 8:56 am to blueslover
here's a take worth considering.

While the grading process still has a ways to go, I’ve noticed that the media and public opinion have yet to get past preseason rankings of NFL prospects. As time passes and the more games tapes that are watched, I expect a good amount of players to move up the big board while pushing down the guys that underachieved. Here are three names that will surge upward and the players at their respective positions I expect them to replace.

DE Ezekiel Ansah – BYU – 6-6/270 ... <>Anash is a raw football player. He is relatively new to the game, and he still has a ways to go when it comes to football IQ. Keeping that in mind while I watch his game tapes hard to believe at times and it makes me believe he has the highest ceiling of any defensive end in this class. Ansah is a huge body that is already well developed. He is very physical. Often sends a jolt to offensive linemen upon contact when he plays low and has his weight behind him. Bends well, can play low while maintaining power. Put him in to an NFL weight training program and you may have a mix of Jason Pierre-Paul and Mario Williams. Ansah will steal the show at the combine and that could throw him in to the top 10. <>

Who He Will Replace: DE DaMontre Moore – Texas A&M – 6’4/250
Moore is arguably the most productive defensive player in this draft when looking at the past two seasons. 38.5 tackles for loss and 21 sacks, with one of those seasons in the SEC. Moore has upside, especially considering 2012 was his first full year as a defensive end. He has the frame and length to add bulk. Very aggressive, explosive upper body. The more I see him on tape though, I notice a lot of his production comes on broken down plays. That speaks volumes about his hustle. While important, a high draft pick needs a certain tool set to go along with the aggression. I question his ability to consistently win the one on one battles against NFL blockers.

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Posted by Cajun Invasion on 1/17 at 10:27 am to blueslover

DE Ezekiel Ansah – BYU – 6-6/270

The more i read about this guy the more i like him,the only thing is, it might take a couple years for the light bulb come on.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/17 at 10:45 am to Cajun Invasion
nice higlights
you can see the raw skills overwhelming competition in the video. He will be focused on at the Sr Bowl facing off with NFL caliber competition every day. Looking later 1st Rd currently but don't doubt he could make a JPP kinda move up with a good showing there & at the combine.

his story with coaches interview
even more dramatic than the Jimmy Graham story... "didn't know how to put on shoulder pads two years ago..."

PFW asks if he is the next JPP
not a lot, basically sez 3rd rd player right now that will get 1st rd looks cuz upside is that high

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Posted by blueslover on 1/20 at 8:30 am to saintsfan22
pre Sr Bowl outlook-

Possibly the most intriguing prospect in the entire 2013 NFL Draft, Ansah have more attention focused on anyone not playing QB this week. Having grown up in Ghana, Ansah did not begin playing football until the 2010 season and is still a very raw player. Right now, he flashes big play ability, but is still a better athlete than consistent football player. With uncommon quickness, playing speed and explosiveness closing to make plays for a 270 pounder, NFL teams are intrigued by his potential to be a disruptive game changer who can be lined up all over the defense. Right now his production at BYU does not warrant a top ten selection, but if he shines this week he could well force his way into consideration there because of his incredible upside and potential.

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