lets talk 2014 recruting
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re: lets talk 2014 recruting
Posted by RATeamWannabe on 1/10 at 1:43 pm to Patrick_Bateman

will clapp and cam Robinson are just as important as fornette is

Agree to disagree, we have recruited the Oline pretty well, and while they are both outstanding prospects, we havent recruited anyone to play RB, even though we have lost two this season and may lose two more next season. They arent as important as LF.

Also, Cam may be rated as highly as LF when all is said and done, but Clapp isnt in their league as a top 5 player in the nation.

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Posted by trilltiger on 1/10 at 1:49 pm to RATeamWannabe
Gary Triplett

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Posted by DeltaDoc on 1/10 at 1:50 pm to trilltiger
Our problem with O-line is not talent, IMO, it is coaching.

I am by no means a recruiting expert but I thought I remember hearing that LF had already committed to Bama last summer. Glad I was apparently thinking wrong.

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Posted by Bear Is Dead on 1/10 at 1:54 pm to DeltaDoc

Our problem with O-line is not talent, IMO, it is coaching.

Tell me more....

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Posted by kevlanmei on 1/10 at 2:08 pm to we_geaux_harder
Notice I said "may be" - so don't get bent out of shape.

Other 2014 recruits that are "possibilities" for LSU that I think amight be on a par with Fournette with regards to talent/potential are:
- Robinson
- Paris
- Brown
- Daub
- Willis
- Clark
- Hootie
- McDowell
- Dupre

Bottom line, no one knows how each of these guys are going to progress/develop over the next couple of years - physically, mentally, or psychologically.

Fournette is the most important, just because of the position he plays - and the need at LSU. But does he have better All-American potential than Robinson??? Or Brown??? Or Paris??? Or Daub??? Anyone who tries to answer that question with conviction is a fool.

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Posted by we_geaux_harder on 1/10 at 4:07 pm to kevlanmei
I think cameron Robinson could be up there with fournette, but Leonard fournettes don't just roll around every year...

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Posted by lsufanva on 1/10 at 5:50 pm to we_geaux_harder
Not a major need but imo we should take one every year. With Rettig and Jennings being in the same class, chances are that one doesn't stay all 4 years

Getting slim here. Fournette is the obvious must get. After him we need another for depth. I prefer a change of pace type guy but as long as 2 minimum are taken I'm good. We may only take 2 to look more appealing to Brossette though it may not matter in his case(good thing)

WR-3 but we'll take 4 maybe 5 if all the instate kids want in
Quinn, Noil and Dupre are sure things if they want in(I expect they will be Tigers). Sims is likely to be offered as well. D'haquille Williams would be the 5th if he chooses college over the NFL. If we land the big 3 from LA, I doubt we look OOS hard at all. We need numbers and a talent infusion at WR

Need more pass catchers and luckily Jacorey Washington is just that. If Cethan Carter accepts a greyshirt then we'll take 2. May take 2 regardless

OL is always a must position. Too much turnover and too many busts to not take numbers every year. The 3 instate kids make it so easy to accept.

Still a need but not as huge. I could see 3 in the class if the right guys want in.

Will be a major need again because of Johnson likely being out of here and too many questionable kids overall.

Not a major need but the '12 class will be Jrs in '14 and we have to restock the numbers. No lock that Melvin Jones or Kendall Beckwith play LB long term. That would mean no LBs in the '13 class

Not a huge need but the talent out there is too good to not take that many. Also never hurts to have more options

Huge need, probably the biggest on the team. Luckily it's a great year for S types that are high on LSU. We need numbers and an infusion of talent.

None of us know anything about what we have currently at PK. Too important a position with our style of play to not have as many options as possible

Could see us taking one just in case Keehn leaves early. He's got some age on him

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Posted by we_geaux_harder on 1/10 at 6:07 pm to lsufanva
Thanks fanva.. What do you think about fullback? Or do we convert another line backer or DT?

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Posted by tigerdeal1 on 1/10 at 6:18 pm to H-Town Tiger
Our needs for 2014 will not be known until this class is signed. We still have a shot at both Willis and Goodman, Foster and Nkimdiche. Which means we would not need DB's.

LB's are always important, RB's and both OL / DL

So, having typed this Fournette, Robinson, Clapp and Brumfield are hugely important to the class of 2014.

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Posted by we_geaux_harder on 1/10 at 8:19 pm to tigerdeal1
I'm sure we can forecast what we will need as far as predicting who will leave early and graduating seniors..

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Posted by lsusportsman2 on 1/10 at 8:31 pm to Louie T

You're a bitch

That's me.

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