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Time & Billing Software
Posted by SippyCup on 1/9 at 3:24 pm
Looking to upgrade from our current time & billing software and was wondering what the accountants, attorneys, etc of the MT use.

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Posted by RickAstley on 1/9 at 3:33 pm to SippyCup
My company uses BigTime Software. I can't answer what it costs. I know it is easy to use though to track billing of several clients.

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Posted by LSU5508 on 1/9 at 5:08 pm to RickAstley
For time I use Timeslips. Intergrates right into outlook and can store multiple clients. It is also completly customizable.

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Posted by SippyCup on 1/9 at 5:24 pm to LSU5508
A lot of people have recommended timeslips but it has a lot that we dont necessarliy need. I have to keep it simple for some of my staff.

Does Big Time have the option to start/stop a running clock on clients?

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Posted by rmc on 1/9 at 5:49 pm to SippyCup
I would imagine someone with very basic programming knowledge could create a stripped down time program with or without a database backend. I honestly need to do this for myself. As I work at a small firm I've just gotten use to writing down my time and having a bill typed up from it. I know that is extremely inefficient but I don't do much billable stuff. In fact, I probably only bill around 100 hours a year, but I keep my time on certain types of files just in case.

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Posted by drewnbrla on 1/9 at 6:01 pm to rmc
Our office uses PCLaw... and it sucks. That's one I'd stay away from. You have to purchase a license for each person and to my knowledge there's no multi license package of discount. Also its slow and lags and is somehow tied to Internet Explorer, which it has a particular disliking for IE8.

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Posted by lynxcat on 1/9 at 6:38 pm to drewnbrla
TIMEnX and it is fine except when it crashes and you have to redo the submission entirely.

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Posted by tigeryat on 1/9 at 6:50 pm to SippyCup
I use Quickbooks.

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Posted by Macavity92 on 1/10 at 12:30 am to SippyCup
I would look to see what the associations of your profession use/recommend. What works for an acct may not work for a lawyer as some are geared not just to billing but to practice management as well.

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Posted by RickAstley on 1/10 at 8:19 am to SippyCup
Unfortunately my knowledge of BigTime is minimal. Project managers set up buckets on the spreadsheet and I simply put my time in. I know our company is trying to eventually move from it to our own billing software but that project has been pushed back.

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Posted by Tenforty1728 on 1/10 at 9:09 am to RickAstley
My accounting firm uses Prosystem fx Practice Management. We've had other systems before this one and definitely like this one the best.

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Posted by tigeralum06 on 1/10 at 12:50 pm to Tenforty1728
Pro system is definitely the best but probably pricey.

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