Let's Overanalyze "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2"
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re: Let's Overanalyze "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2"
Posted by SUB on 12/10 at 9:12 pm to SUB
John Candy is the man. RIP :(

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Posted by SUB on 12/10 at 9:15 pm to SUB
Why would Budget be renting moving vans at the airport?

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Posted by SUB on 12/10 at 9:29 pm to SUB
Kevin knew burglars were trying to get into his house, yet he leaves the front door unlocked the whole time he is at the church.

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Posted by OMLandshark on 12/10 at 10:12 pm to Papercutninja

(3) Kevin's knowledge of physics, probabilities, espionage and diversionary tactics would put his IQ somewhere in the range of genius. However, his skills of logic and deduciton haven't shown him that the furnace is indeed not a living entity that should be feared.

Kevin's a smart kid, but his family has terrified him into absolute submission with the constant doggings, implied beatings, and neglect. I'm betting that Kevin's fear of the furnace comes from another family gathering where Buzz almost shoved Kevin into it face first while the rest of the family looked onward laughing.

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Posted by Fox Mulder on 12/10 at 10:13 pm to OMLandshark

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Posted by OMLandshark on 12/10 at 10:16 pm to Papercutninja

As an aside, how come no one has ever discussed the way that Kevin devised these booby traps. He was seriously just short of the Viet Cong. A tar covered foot being pierced by a rust nail, sharp glass in those same damaged feet. Branding via the doorknob. Flame thrower to the face. Deadly tarantuala bites. I half expected Harry and Marv to step on shite covered bamboo reeds or have a three year old Vietnamese toddler walk up to them holding a grenade with the pin pulled.

He was clearly planning on offing various members of his family in this way, but when he thinks they disappear, he figures he might as well use his years of planning on offing these guys instead.

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Posted by BilJ on 12/10 at 10:53 pm to OMLandshark
Who got credit for busting the wet bandits? The old man or Kevin? It seems like the local news would have been pretty interested in this story

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Posted by SUB on 12/10 at 11:55 pm to BilJ
I still don't understand why Marv and the other guy thought it was a good idea to try to shimmy their way across the zip line.

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Posted by 0jersey on 12/11 at 4:45 pm to SUB
I love this movie and this thread.

But is it any surprise that someone from/pulling for Ole Miss has come up empty when it counts. Failing is institutionalized up there, so people should probably slow their roll when they keep this fact in perspective concerning the 'ol landshark.

I was planning on watching this movie this week before I saw the thread. Now I'm gonna look for stuff to add.

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Posted by JabarkusRussell on 12/15 at 7:19 pm to OMLandshark
Watch the scene where Old Man Marley hits the bandits with the shovel. It's a 20 year old stunt doubt in an awful wig.

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Posted by Maximus on 12/16 at 7:16 am to BilJ
How stupid is that old man? He tells Kevin he is afraid to call his son for fear that his son will reject him. Then Kevin gives him a 5 minute speech about conquering the fear of his basement and the old frick replies, "Whats your point?" What the frick do you think his point is, shovel hands?

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Posted by TexasTiger05 on 12/16 at 8:22 am to Maximus
when the old man talks it makes me thirsty. He has that dry crack sound when his mouth opens.

as for HA2- all Kevin gives the homeless lady was a set of Christams ornaments. What's she going to do with that? Thanks for saving my life, homeless. Please enjoy these ornaments to keep you warm and your belly full.

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Posted by JabarkusRussell on 12/16 at 12:19 pm to TexasTiger05
You must have missed the deleted scene where she pawned the ornaments for whisky.

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Posted by saintsfan92612 on 12/30 at 3:24 am to OMLandshark

I'll finish the thread this year. It will definitely be in contention for thread of the year. I'm just going to wait til the Christmas season.

Image: http://gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs1/1119213_o.gif

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Posted by Bayou Tiger on 12/31 at 9:46 pm to saintsfan92612
There's still time for this to be in contention for thread of the year.

Where you at, OMLandshark?

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Posted by The Eric on 12/31 at 11:46 pm to Bayou Tiger
It's a Christmas family tradition.

OML fails to deliver. Can't wait till next year (I really enjoy the speculation)

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Posted by GoldenBoy on 1/3 at 5:13 pm to The Eric
In Home Alone 2, Kevin wants to go to a toy store. He has his dad's credit card and a wad of cash, and all he buys is soap?

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Posted by The Eric on 1/3 at 7:07 pm to GoldenBoy
I had no clue what that you was.

Interesting fact. While the store in the show is supposed to be "fao Schwartz" it's actually in Chicago and was obviously not part of the filming in New York

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Posted by bigcgt27 on 12/12 at 6:50 am to SUB


I still don't understand why Marv and the other guy thought it was a good idea to try to shimmy their way across the zip line.

Or better yet, why does Kevin cut the rope when they make it halfway? He pretty much ensured that they would catch up to him when he tried to run away.

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Posted by TeddyPadillac on 12/12 at 8:42 am to bigcgt27
1. Seeing the M burned into Harry's hand in HA2 makes me realize that when the burn actually happened in HA1, Harry would have had to go to the hospital for that. No way he could have endured that pain after. I speak from experience as i've grabbed a metal handle from a pan that was in a 500 degree bbq pit and burned the frick out of my hand.

2. WHy the frick is Kevin's dad so upset about the $967 room service bill. You lost your kid and you're obviously loaded since you've paid for a family of 10 to go to Europe and Miami and live in a 14 room house in suburban Chicago.

3. What Pizza joint is open early in the morning? Kevin wakes up and gets in a limo with a pizza. I guess it's a little more believable in New York, but who makes pizza's at 8 or 9 in the morning and has them delivered?

4. the 50lb bag of concrete falling on Marv is worse than the bricks, all of which would have killed him.

5. the fall from the kerosene rope would have killed harry, and there's no way marv could have landed in pushup position on top of him. Both would have had serious fractures if not death.

6. Marv opens the door and there's a entire floor missing in the main room right in front of him. How do you look past that and walk into the non existence floor?

7. Kevin walks out of Duncans, the sticky/wet bandits say "hi a pal" Kevin screams bloody murder in the middle of a packed sidewalk in NYC and no one even looks at him much less do something about the two criminals that run after him.

8. How the hell did Kevin break the pearl necklaces with his bare hands? Some serious cheap arse fake necklaces.

9. How the hell did no one notice the two old gross looking men with their heads sticking out of the little doll houses in Duncan's. Seems like someone should have said something.

10. Do the cops answer every 911 call when the call is 5 seconds and sounds fake and telling them to go here b/c there's a crime happening?

11. In both HA1 and HA2, Harry and Marv are out and about outside the homes hollering and yelling at Kevin, yet no one hears or notices this to maybe investigate what's going on and call the cops.

12. Flaming head into a gasoline filled toilet with that explosion, Harry's head would have blown up from that.

13. How did Harry not see the giant sack of tools above the door?

14. How the hell did the tool chest fall down the stair upright the whole time? that was impossible.

15. Why did Marv dive after Kevin in HA1 before Kevin put the spider on him. Just run and catch him, don't dive. And how the hell did you let a 9 year old out power you and you not be able to pull his foot to you.

16. Marv hitting Harry with a crowbar across the chest would have crushed his chest cavity.

17. Why was Harry in so much pain after tripping over the string before all the before mentioned incident? he was lying on the ground as if he was knocked out. All he did was trip.

18. the likelihood of seeing the same random woman in NYC twice has got to be about as likely as winning the lottery.

19. WHy don't any of the kids in the ice rink say anything as Marv swipes hats, mittens, and scarves from them?

20. the cop at the end of HA2 shoots his gun in the air to scare the pigeons off of harry and marv. Kind of stupid to shoot a gun in the air mr. officer. Just shoot at the ground if you want to shoot.

alright i quit. there's many many more.

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