Chicago / North Louisiana Holiday Beer Trade?
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Chicago / North Louisiana Holiday Beer Trade?
Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/7 at 6:48 pm
Hey, long time Food and Drink Board lurker here.

I live in Chicago but will be visiting family in Northeast Louisiana around Christmas. Is anyone interested in meeting up for a beer trade?

I have a 4-pack of 2012 Goose Island Bourbon County (not a variant, just plain ol' BCS). I'm also happy to bring anything from Chicago/Indiana/Michigan/Wisconsin/any brewery distributing to IL that's not available in Louisiana.

I've been gone from Louisiana for many years (and I left way before I beernerdified myself), so I'd need to rely on you to tell me what I'd want in return--Parish? NOLA? Jester King? Saint Arnold?

Let me know if you're interested/available, or even if you just have suggestions of what to look for.


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Posted by Salmon on 12/7 at 6:50 pm to petepetepetepete
man, if I had not already promised for a trade with a friend in Michigan, I'd definitely trade with you

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Posted by El Josey Wales on 12/7 at 6:51 pm to petepetepetepete
The only logical meeting place in north LA would be a Johnny's pizza.

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Posted by Ole Geauxt on 12/7 at 6:52 pm to petepetepetepete
i have a few of those little coors light cans...
but, i think i want to keep em..

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Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/7 at 7:24 pm to El Josey Wales
Johnny's Pizza is real life science fiction. For $10, I can travel back through time and relive my entire childhood in 15 minutes.

As for beer, I'd love to introduce someone to some of my Chicago favorites that can/bottle--Half Acre, Revolution, Pipeworks, 5 Rabbit, Metropolitan, Wild Onion (and there's a slew of great new Chicago breweries who aren't widely canning/bottling yet). But I'm also happy to bring the big boys--3 Floyds, Goose Island's Belgian line from the Fulton brewery, and any of the Michigan breweries--Bells/Founders/New Holland/Dark Horse/Arcadia/Jolly Pumpkin/a gajillion others.

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Posted by Salmon on 12/7 at 7:49 pm to petepetepetepete


I've been told I can't buy anymore beer until I drink what I have (damn women) or I'd buy whatever you wanted in Dallas this weekend. When are you coming back down?

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Posted by F machine on 12/7 at 10:31 pm to petepetepetepete
Not sure where or when we could meet. I would guess parish, Nola, and St Arnold would probably be your best bets for something that's good and can probably only be gotten here. Well I know parish is only here. Fairly certain Nola is too. Not sure about St Arnold though. Bought a case of canebreak today actually.

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Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/8 at 1:46 am to F machine
Salmon: Unfortunately, it'll likely be Thanksgiving next year before I make it back down. If you can execute a successful hearts and minds campaign in the home over the next week or so, we can make it happen.

F machine: I'm flying down, but will have access to a car. I'll be based in the Monroe area, but will be able to get around, if need be. If you might be interested, let me know and I'll post my email so we can work out some details.

If anyone else is interested, speak up! I've got a 100% empty suitcase and lots of great beer to share!

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Posted by F machine on 12/8 at 10:18 pm to petepetepetepete
When are you coming? Like I said just bought a case of canebrake and I'm actually headed to br next weekend for a beer run.

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Posted by Rouge on 12/8 at 10:40 pm to petepetepetepete
When will you be in town. I'm living in dallas, but may be able to meet in Shreveport

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Posted by Zappas Stache on 12/8 at 11:00 pm to Rouge
If Rouge comes to Shrevesville, can you get Three Floyd's?

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Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/9 at 8:26 pm to Zappas Stache
F machine, Rouge, and Zappos: Sorry for the delay in responding.

I'm arriving on the 22nd--I could meet up on the 22nd (at night), 23rd, or 24th.

I should be able to make it to Shreveport, no problem. And yes, I can get 3 Floyds. However, please let me know what you'd want. For example, I can get Zombie Dust sometimes, but not always. So if there's anything in particular you want, let me know so I can start hunting around now.

You can email me at tigerdroppingspete at gmail and we can work out the logistics. Rouge, I emailed you just now.

Thanks for responding, all. Hope to meet up and share some beer soon!

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Posted by LSUBoo on 12/10 at 7:25 am to petepetepetepete
If you were coming to South Louisiana I'd be on this like white on rice. LOVE some Bourbon County Stout, and Three Floyd's. Plus I know there are some other great Chicago and regional breweries available.

Does Haymarket bottle any of their stuff or is it at the pub only?

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Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/10 at 2:52 pm to LSUBoo
Unfortunately, Haymarket is only on draft at the brewpub and at festivals. If you make the trip to Chicago, definitely stop by and try Mathias, their imperial IPA. But pretty much everything Pete Crowley makes is great, and most of their beers are Belgian-style. They've been a great addition to the Chicago beer scene.

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Posted by Geauxld Finger on 12/10 at 3:06 pm to petepetepetepete
Someone better ask for some Great Lakes Blackout Stout. Hell any of the Great Lakes brews. This is almost making me want to get back into beer trading.

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Posted by webstew on 12/10 at 4:01 pm to petepetepetepete
Maybe these guys in Shreveport will be up and running by the time you get here.

Great Raft Brewing

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Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/10 at 8:16 pm to webstew
Thanks for the heads up. Looks like they're shooting for Summer 2013, though I've never seen a brewery open on schedule (I'm not sure if that's Chicago politics or just the nature of the over-regulated beast that is beer in America).

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Posted by petepetepetepete on 12/13 at 7:30 pm to petepetepetepete
Alright, last call!

I'll be bringing Rouge some Bourbon County, Zombie Dust, Dark Horse Crooked Tree, five other 3 Floyds beers, and two new Pipeworks beers from Chicago.

If anyone else can manage a holiday meetup in North Louisiana and wants some quality Midwest beers for a friendly trade, let me know. See earlier in the thread for my email address.

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Posted by Salmon on 12/13 at 7:36 pm to petepetepetepete
next year year

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Posted by jackbooty10 on 12/13 at 8:02 pm to petepetepetepete
Goose Island bottles are rolling out in LA in January - already have draught, but you have to look hard for it...

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