Tiger fans help needed please
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Tiger fans help needed please
Posted by gctigersfan4040 on 12/8 at 3:21 pm
Dear Tiger Fans,
My name is Jesse Allen Jr. I live in Pascagoula and I'm a small business owner that is trying to help with a request sent to me. Every year I adopt a single parent family for Christmas with 1 or 2 kids this year a request was sent to me about a single mother with 10 adopted kids 5 with special needs. Her husband left her 2 months ago for another woman. I created an event on Facebook that has a wish list and information on the family that tells the whole story and attached the link at the end. It is a wonderful things this lady does for all of them. 5 companies pledged financial help and have pulled out on Monday. If you can help or pass word on to others that can I would really appreciate it.


Thank you for all help

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Posted by patnuh on 12/8 at 3:25 pm to gctigersfan4040
Why did the companies decide not to help?

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Posted by the LSUSaint on 12/8 at 3:47 pm to patnuh
I will donate whatever I can under one condition, tell me the 5 companies that "pulled out" and the reasons why.

Thanks mt friend and God bless you for helping people like you do.

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Posted by CE Tiger on 12/8 at 4:48 pm to gctigersfan4040

a single mother with 10 adopted kids 5 with special needs.

sounds like someone enjoys those government pay checks....

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Posted by LSU Neil on 12/8 at 4:54 pm to CE Tiger
24,350 posts.. Sounds like somebody needs a life. And some compassion.

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Posted by Meauxjeaux on 12/8 at 5:00 pm to gctigersfan4040
Link doesn't work. Bad fb page?

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Posted by Drop4Loss on 12/8 at 7:02 pm to Meauxjeaux
Nuther ingenious scam

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Posted by gctigersfan4040 on 12/9 at 5:03 pm to Drop4Loss
I understand that you guys would like names but I think that it is best to let them deal with the karma they get. 2 pulled out because of revenue and I understand that but the other 3 won't even reply I find that kinda sad. And to the person who decided to try to make a joke I feel sorry for you. This lady does it out of love and her husband is a cop but he decided another woman was more important than his kids he choose. I find that sad. Thank to the people who Care and say nice things. I will try to fix the link but I'm not very computer Davy to say the least. When I get to office I'll see what I can do and update.

Thank guys and ladies

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Posted by gctigersfan4040 on 12/9 at 5:06 pm to gctigersfan4040
?This is a letter from tge mom tgat was passed along to me:
I am often asked “How do you do it?” In fact, I am asked that so often that I have lots of funny replies stored up! But in all honesty, I do it with lots of help. Being a single mom is tough...being a single mom to 10 awesome children is an adventure! Because of the wide range of needs that my children have, I have to be really creative in making sure that they are all safe and have everything they need to grow and flourish. When help is offered, it is accepted and much appreciated.
?I didn't really plan to have 10 children, it is just the blessed life that GOD had for me. My 3 oldest children are academically accelerated and have always been the best therapists. Now that they are in college, I have to rely on close friends to help. My friend Sara Schultz is a speech therapist at one of my son's school. She has a gift for caring for and interacting with those with special needs. She herself is a single mom to 3 amazing children. She and her kids are a huge help to me. It is difficult for her to be here as much as I need her though, because she needs to be at home with her children. When they are all at my house, they aren't able to do simple things like household chores and projects, and just be home to enjoy their own things. If we could combine our households, it would help us both in many ways. However, we both know that it is important to have the space for everyone so that each family can still be intact.
?I am very blessed to have a home that was provided for me by Joyce Meyer Ministry. It has a beautiful story. It was the home place of Mrs. Virgie Farmer...Mrs. Farmer's Place to Eat. Mrs. Farmer ran a restaurant from her home to support her family when her husband died at an early age. Many in the community have fond memories of this beautiful old place. It was renovated for my family after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, the sheetrock and flooring was done before the home had dried out. This area got approximately 9 feet of water in the storm. Just days after we moved in in December of 2006 it was apparent that there were major foundation issues. I just haven't been financially able to address those. A local group did help me recently by doing some leveling under the house, but there are still some problems. In addition to fixing those existing issues, we would really need to add space for the Schultz family to have their own home here.
?Ideally, if this could be done by adding a garage to my home, and then building an apartment above it. Then I would have the means to load and unload my sons in wheelchairs during bad weather, and Sara and her family would have space of their own, yet still be close enough to help me and my children. I know that this is a huge undertaking, but I always believe for the best so that my kids can continue to grow and flourish! I know how much I have learned and how my heart has been touched by being their mom. I also know that they touch others every day with their determination and joy.
?So once again, I am so thankful for those who help me give my children all that they need. They have each faced many battles as children, but they amaze me every day. I think they will amaze you, too!
In true humility,

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Posted by gctigersfan4040 on 12/9 at 5:08 pm to gctigersfan4040
This is the wish list we are also getting mom a spa day at my girlfriends spa and my friends mom is giving a day at her beauty shop:

1. Hannah – 3DS, gift card
2. Holley – Luggage Set (Black), gift card
3. Jack – Headphones (not ear buds), gift card
4. Sarah Katherine – 3DS, Ring (Size 11), Gift card for clothing
5. Ron – Memory Foam Bed topper (twin size), NASCAR Items(Kevin Harvick), gift card
6. Jonah – Nabi tablet, Disney Jake & the Neverland Pirates Costume, and ?anything else Jake.
7. Kirsten – Nabi Tablet, Bike, doll house
8. Hunter – Nabi Tablet, skateboard, remote control toy
9. Dalton – Nabi Tablet, skateboard, remote control toy
10. Mary Ella – Baby doll, doll house (Fisher Price or something similar for small ?children), ride-on toy?
?I have been blessed beyond measure! I have ten wonderful children! My ?family has been built through adoption. Five of my children have special?needs. This is certainly a life that requires intense dedication...but I ?wouldn't have it any other way. I started this journey as a single parent, ?adopting my oldest daughter, Hannah, when I was just 21 years old. I ?did later marry, and adopt 9 more children. However, I am again a ?single Mom. I am so thankful for an opportunity to allow my children to?make a wish list! We understand that it is just that...a wish list. We will ?be grateful for the presents that arrive for Christmas...whatever they ?may be!
Hannah is 22 years old. She is a senior at MSU. She is a wonderful young lady! She is very bright and always appreciative of other's efforts on behalf of her family. Since she lives in Starkville, she isn't able to be home very often.
Holley is 19 years old. She is a sophomore at The University of South Alabama. She lives at home and drives back and forth so that she can help at home. She is one of the most ambitious young people I have ever known! She is very active in the community, and is a great organizational help for me at home!
Jack is 19 years old (just 27 days younger than Holley). He is a sophomore at The University of South Alabama. He lives on campus due to the workload of his major...chemical engineering. He comes home on the weekend when he can to help. Jack is a great big brother, and he has always been a big help to me in the physical care required for the younger brothers that are wheelchair users.
Sarah Katherine is 15 years old. She is developmentally delayed and struggles with mental illness. That isn't what you see when you meet her, though! She is a sweetheart and loves to help people!
Ron is 13 years old. He has severe cerebral palsy and is non-verbal and uses a power wheelchair. He is a very bright boy in a body that just doesn't work. We are blessed to have some very high tech equipment that helps Ron. He has a communication device that he operates with his eyes, and he controls his wheelchair with an array of switches positioned near his head.
Jonah is 12 years old. He has Down Syndrom and many of the medical complications associated with it. He is such a little imp! He is a complete joy to me! When he enjoys something, he reaaaallllyyyy enjoys it!! He is very small, about the size of a typical 6 year old.
Kirsten is 8 years old. She came home to me when she was 2 years old, having been a witness to horrific domestic violence and drug use. She has made amazing progress and just recently tested into the gifted program in our school district! She is a sweetheart and loves all things girly!
Hunter is 6 years old. He has cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury due to drug exposure in utero. He is a wheelchair user. He is verbal and very bright. He doesn't let the wheelchair slow him down one bit!
Dalton is also 6 years old, just two months younger than Hunter. He came to me as a very fragile infant, not expected to live to his first birthday. He has amazed us all! He has the energy of a marathon runner and climbs like Spiderman! He loves all things boy!
Mary Ella is 19 months old...she will be 2 just 2 weeks before Christmas. She is the princess of the place...for sure! She is typically developing (and typically spoiled as the baby of 10)! She is a joy to us all

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Posted by gctigersfan4040 on 12/9 at 5:19 pm to gctigersfan4040
Cunningham family Christmas event

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Posted by CaptainPanic on 12/9 at 5:25 pm to gctigersfan4040

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