Home Security Experts: please help me choose a camera system
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re: Home Security Experts: please help me choose a camera system
Posted by Jahel on 12/4 at 9:23 pm to lsu480

So nobody breaks in you retard!!!!

they are already in

when they can't see them they are more likely to make a mistake, look directly into the cam and get a better shot.

Alarm system keeps people out, hidden cam catches people.

Image: http://i.imgur.com/pcoi5.jpg width=270

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Posted by MoreOrLes on 12/4 at 9:24 pm to LSURoss

So the DVR part of the system is what I should be looking at mainly and then upgrade the cameras?


we did a lot of reading. That was the dvr we wanted. had the most storage and best internet quality for live streaming and playback.

Put the best cams in the places that you think are most important.

also you should get at least an 8 channel system even if you use less cams.

Room to grow

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Posted by LSURoss on 12/4 at 9:26 pm to MoreOrLes
Rgr. Will be looking after Christmas. Thread bookmarked

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Posted by gizmoflak on 12/4 at 9:40 pm to Jahel

I would source a local electronic guru and get hidden cams all through my residence

nah, I don't want cameras INSIDE my home. I want complete privacy ... I wouldn't risk the chance of anyone ever getting their hands on videotape of me and my family. Plus, how creepy is that for guests of mine?

I want the cameras outside so I can see who got in and who's snooping around outside

for inside, I'll have the motion detectors to sound an alarm and alert a monitoring company

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Posted by LSURoss on 12/4 at 9:43 pm to gizmoflak
One thing I did do when we bought our house is had my electrician buddy wire all the flood lights in the backyard to one switch in the bedroom. Before I open the bedroom door the whole back yard is lit up.

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Posted by C on 12/4 at 9:48 pm to LSURoss
Chances of catching the thieves even with video isn't that great. Make the cameras very visible and put motion sensors on flood lights. Do whatever you can to make your home seem less desirable than your neighbors. Also put a camera facing the street. Robbers often scope homes by driving by slowly.

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