Avery Johnson has qualified
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re: Avery Johnson has qualified
Posted by thunderbird1100 on 11/12 at 12:53 pm to bwallcubfan
Thank goodness

These things tend to never work out.

Need another bigger WR coming in with Leslie and RSJ is a longer shot than most here would like to think.

Now if Dhaquille Williams can get qualified for 2014....to come in with Quinn, Noil and Dupree...HOLY COW at the future of our WR corps

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Posted by AcetylCoA on 11/12 at 1:29 pm to bwallcubfan

highly doubt that
I wouldn't. His brother did it electronically at 219 lbs.

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Posted by BhamTigah on 11/12 at 3:13 pm to Santa Clause

How tall is he legitimately? I'm hoping either he or potentially RSJ can fill the void we have of 6'2''+ receivers.

Why do people keep forgetting about this guy?

Quantavious Leslie

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Posted by Jim Rockford on 11/12 at 3:30 pm to bwallcubfan

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Posted by TheTigerZone on 11/12 at 4:43 pm to bwallcubfan

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Posted by KG5989 on 11/12 at 4:54 pm to AcetylCoA

I wouldn't. His brother did it electronically at 219 lbs.

Lets clear something up. Avery is NOT Patrick, by any means. As an underclassmen, Avery was a top 5 WR and top 100 in the nation. Then, he fell off the map. Ive heard he was 1 of the more overrated guys in the nation for his class. At the UA bowl game, he was 1 of the weaker participants and did not impress that many people. Work ethic could a very real issue for this kid. But, I hope not. This was what they said about him that week.

The Rivals100 wide receiver recorded a 15-yard reception in the game, but that was seemingly the only time he made an appearance throughout the entire week. Talent and ability aren't an issue with Johnson - he has plenty of both. But he rarely displayed his playmaking ability during the week in Orlando or on Thursday evening in the game.

After the game, he got the biggest disappointment of the week. Said similar things.

The LSU commitment is a member of the Rivals100 and someone that is thought to have immense talent and ability. It never really showed over four days of practice or the game. He did record one reception in the game. Johnson just seems to be going through the motions.

After the game and when the season ended, he plummeted down in the rankings 172 spots to #247. I hope he picked up his work ethic and matured a bit, because it sounds like he has all the ability in the world.

As far was WRs go, I want D'haquille Williams over all of them. But, he might just stay at JUCO and then go pro after next season.

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Posted by bopper50 on 11/12 at 5:20 pm to crankbait
That is what I am talking about !

Bama screwed !

LSU stacked !

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Posted by mtheob17 on 11/12 at 5:58 pm to bwallcubfan

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Posted by deuce985 on 11/14 at 10:11 pm to bwallcubfan
Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9QjARWd5a84/T3OXHJJbe1I/AAAAAAAAA34/OVtLNvwpMvI/s190/nod-of-approval.gif

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Posted by Coater on 11/15 at 6:31 pm to bwallcubfan

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