The SEC and Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck
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re: The SEC and Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck
Posted by tigerfan88 on 11/14 at 1:05 am to biglego
Bama would still be going to the championship game actually. Unless maybe they actually played a decent east team and lost. Which is really the crux of the argument, it's not that people don't want to play games against elite teams, people just don't want Bama to keep avoiding those same teams

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Posted by biglego on 11/14 at 1:06 am to Tigers'Mojo

Wow...I'm glad none of you pansies play on the team. If we can't beat UF, then we don't deserve to play for a NC or SEC title. If we don't play them in October, we will play them in December anyway. You guys will find anything to get all pissy about.

You'd rather get screwed than not get screwed, bc you don't want to be a complainer. Weird outlook.

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Posted by Icansee4miles on 11/14 at 6:29 am to biglego
Overlooked in all these posts is the additional impact that playing the elite teams have on other games. So, if we have Kentucky the week before aTm, we get a tuneup, are less likely to get players injured, and can spend some practice time prepping for the tougher opponent two weeks out because your aren't having to prepare balls to the wall for the Gaytors. And having to get the team "up" every week as opposed to dining on cupcakes some weeks is a much bigger challenge for the coaching staff. How did Shorty, the God of coaches, do at getting his team prepped when they hda three relatively tough games in a row? Dominated MooState, got shoved all over the field by LSU and got whopped by Johnny Football. Don't you think they wish they had been playing their powerhouse premanent opponent UTe the week after LSU? I'm sure that $abin and $live are working already to fix that.

It's BS, and even national talking heads have made mention of it. I've been following SEC football for a few decades, and I sure as Hell never knew about the storied rivalry between the Gumps and Vols until they used it to screw their closest competition for the divisional crown. Dissolve that crap and put in a true rotation..

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Posted by dreaux on 11/14 at 6:50 am to CalTiger53
I will never have respect for Bama. They haven't won shite in my opinion. Now if they could just get those pesky aggies off the schedule. I am sure they will find a way.

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Posted by dreaux on 11/14 at 6:51 am to dreaux
Bama has a bye before both atm and lsu next year?? Eeellll oooo fricking eellll

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Posted by Thorny on 11/14 at 8:38 am to dreaux
By the end of the 2013 season, we will have played UGA three times in the regular season since Bama has played them (We both played UGA in 2008, but our game was later in the season).

From UGA's perspective, LSU followed Bama in their annual rotation. Bama hosted them in 2007 and played in Athens in 2008. We hosted them in 2008 and played in Athens in 2009. Throwing out the 2012 schedule due to the expansion, Bama should have rotated on the UGA schedule in 2013, but instead LSU does. The SEC claims it isn't finished manipulating the rotation order, but quite frankly this stinks.

It isn't the permanent opponent that concerns me, it's that the rotation was disturbed to that Bama avoided UGA when they should have rotated on the schedule.


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Posted by biglego on 11/14 at 10:17 am to BEAUXREGARD

This. But, if OU- Nebraska and Texas-aTm can absolve their games, why can't Bama and Tennessee? Besides, is that a rivalry to anyone but those fan bases?

No it isn't. No one else even realizes its a rivalry. And it really seems to be more Bama hating Tenn than Tenn hating Bama. To anyone outside the rivalry is contrived.

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Posted by Flame Salamander on 11/14 at 10:23 am to noladan

Bama and the Birmingham SEC office continues to Gerrymander the Schedule so that Bama has a built in advantage toward getting chosen for the higher echelon bowl games.


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