What do you like most or what do you hate most about Les Miles ????
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re: What do you like most or what do you hate most about Les Miles ????
Posted by textigah on 11/13 at 9:52 pm to dominustd
I love the smile on his face when the bus pulls up to the hill.

That shite eating grin says, "we got this".

He really seems to love it here.

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Posted by dutchtiger on 11/13 at 10:14 pm to lilsupa879
Les Miles is the most talked about person on here besides Saban..

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Posted by Tiger Voodoo on 11/13 at 10:27 pm to Duzz

love his gambling nature, I hate his conservative nature. 

Not sure if this was meant to sound funny and ironic, but it is the perfect way to describe the enigmatic dichotomy of The Hat!

Sounds like something Les himself would say when sizing up an opponent, and the way rantards flip flop when criticizing him. He's too conservative!! He's crazy and unstable!! No wait, he's boring again!! Like Bo!!

Bet he'd get a good chuckle out of it.


like that he doesn't give a frick what you think. 

This is the best answer. Dude does what is best for the team. Period. And he does it even when he knows people that aren't privvy to the info he has WON'T understand and will hate him and ridicule him for it. And he don't give a frick. That's what I love about Coach Les Miles!

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Posted by TN Bhoy on 11/13 at 10:29 pm to lilsupa879


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Posted by dreaux on 11/13 at 10:37 pm to dominustd


Damn dude. You mad.

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Posted by CalTiger53 on 11/13 at 10:41 pm to lilsupa879
The fact that if he was going to Bama and Saban was coming to LSU there would be hundreds of threads here crying, just like when they said he was going to Michigan.

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Posted by iwyLSUiwy on 11/13 at 10:47 pm to dukke v

Well he is a top 3 coach in the country. THIS IS FACT

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Posted by StadiumDormRat'72 on 11/13 at 10:50 pm to LSU GrandDad

i swear he does it on purpose. it's gotta be his way of getting back at the stupid posts on here.

It seemed obvious in the locker room last week, w/ mentioning Stud's playcalling TWICE, and joking back & forth w/ (??) about "how many touches did Shep get?" that he enjoys the "coaching assistance" so thoughtfully offered.

ETA: props to admin. for removing obscure racial slur directed at Miles before I could type a response to the...gentleman. Sorry I can't recall his screenname.

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Posted by angiesman on 11/13 at 10:52 pm to StadiumDormRat'72
I like the way he talks...(say it like Billy Bob in SlingBlade for the full effect)

And the way he claps with his thumbs and fingers all stretched out.

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Posted by craynagin on 11/13 at 11:19 pm to angiesman
Love that bandclapping thing too.

Love his sheer enthusiasm for his players and school.

Love how he looks goofy on the sidelines during the game.

Love when he sings the alma mater with his players...how often does nickie do that?

Love how he works the refs.

Hate how be makes us sweat out most first halves.

Love how he wears the same kind of hat for every game hes coached at LSU.

Love how he loves his team.

Love that hes the coach.

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Posted by dguidry on 11/13 at 11:35 pm to lilsupa879
He sticks his finger in his ear too often.

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Posted by SG_Geaux on 11/13 at 11:38 pm to lilsupa879
I like that he has become OUR coach. He is no longer a Michigan man, he is an LSU man, and he is going to stay here for as long as we will have him.

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Posted by higgins on 11/14 at 6:24 am to SG_Geaux
I like his quirkiness. The fact that people have a "want" for Miles speak and soundbytes. I like his pedigree of toughness. I like that we can dominate the lines of scrimmage against anyone if healthy. We hit. We never panic. We fight through and perservere.
I hate that he plays for FG's when he could stick the dagger. I hate that he lets teams hang late in games. (Almost like he is intentionally trying to piss us off). I hate the fact that we circumvent the knockout blow way too often. (3rd & 4 Copeland dive). I hate his clock management. (Still an issue IMO)
Bottom line- he is a winner and we're not going anywhere nor bowing down to anyone as long as the hat roams.

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Posted by LSUburfordeaux on 11/14 at 8:06 am to higgins
Likes---He WINS, 80% and counting! He is "quirky", great recruiter, good moral-family man. Represents LSU very well and I think he really loves it here......Not really a dislike, but I would love to see him hire at top notch OC like he did for the defense and be a "CEO" type coach. I do think he is a little "hard headed", but don't think he doesn't know about football. He does!.......did ya'll see where Lou Holtz thinks Nicky boy should retire? ROFL. See, it could be worse, we could have that "lame brain" as a coach.

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Posted by lilsupa879 on 11/14 at 8:32 am to LSUburfordeaux
Well i definitely feel from reading all of these threads that we love our coach more than we all know it. When LSU found this guy ,they were not looking for a replacement for sabain ,they were looking for the future of LSUand saw it in this man. If our coach would leave right now we wouldn't know wtf to do. Les be thankfull for what we have, cause we could be just like Auburn and Arkansas. Now that would hard to cheer for.

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Posted by higgins on 11/14 at 8:52 am to LSUburfordeaux
What was Holtzszsshthhthszsz's reason that Nicky should retire.

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