The Ol' Ball Sack
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The Ol' Ball Sack
Posted by midcitycid on 10/8 at 11:29 pm
Miles is one of the few SEC coaches that Spurrier has yet to beat. What sort of trickeration will he have in store? From what i have seen, SCAR is 'simular' to what LSU wants to be--pound and ground with Lattimore, who will be lucky if his knees make it to the NFL, and a suffocating defense.

I think the D can rise to the challange and stop Lattimore and corral that QB--i don't know that he is the best passer. The swamp and Jerdan Hare were terrible venues for a struggling offense to find any rhythym. Towson = Troy of yesteryear. i say we'll do just enough--especially if we want to keep Mettenboiguh alive--to choke the chickens.....i want to see that visor being thrown down all night.

LSU 16. Ol Ball Sack 7

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Posted by MondayMorningMarch on 10/8 at 11:31 pm to midcitycid

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Posted by euquol on 10/8 at 11:32 pm to midcitycid
He knows, like Saban knew last year, he will not beat LSU with a ground and pound offense. I look for him to open it up early.

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Posted by midcitycid on 10/8 at 11:33 pm to euquol
Brang it.

McCarron >> Conor Shaw.

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Posted by midcitycid on 10/8 at 11:35 pm to euquol
I just don't want to see consecutive runs with Ware up into Clowney's belly. that won't work. unfortunately with these guys, it is a distinct possiility.

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Posted by Geaux Carolina on 10/8 at 11:52 pm to midcitycid
To address some of the points raised here: No, Shaw isn't the best passer around, but that's not really who he is. He's a game manager, not a gunslinger. He knows when to pull the ball down and run for the first down marker (and he's pretty quick), he can hit the "smart" check-down when the long ball isn't there, and he doesn't force things. He's not likely to beat himself, which is half the battle with our defense.

I doubt Spurrier will "open it up early". He'll take a shot here and there, but look for a steady dose of the zone read and short passes. If the secondary starts to creep up, that's when you'll see a shot down the field.

McCarron is better than a lot of QBs.

Clowney is good. Really good.

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